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Přihlášky na letní školu Psychology of Entrepreneurship v Rotterdamu

Termín a místo letní školy: 13 .- 25. 7. 2014, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Termín VŠE pro zaslání přihlášek: 7. 3. 2014 na lukesm@vse.cz, přihlášky ke stažení na http://www.eur.nl/fsw/english/psychology/ipentrepreneur/about_the_programme/apply/

Popis letní školy: This Erasmus IP (ERA-IP-12-26) aims to bring together professors, lecturers and 28 university students from six European countries in order to share the knowledge of how to conduct policy relevant entrepreneurship research from a psychological perspective. This includes identifying relevant societal issues to which psychology can make significant contributions. Additionally, the multidisciplinary and international team of teachers will present their work on entrepreneurial topics, such as entrepreneurial intentions, opportunity recognition, innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, cultural entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial passion and goal setting. During the program students will also practice their academic skills (presenting, writing) and follow an introduction in multilevel research techniques.

Bližší informace: www.eur.nl/ipentrepreneur