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Topics of State Doctoral Examination-trial version

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Topics of State Doctoral Examination

Business Economics

(Valid from September 1st 2011)

1. Subjects, methods and history of enterprise and business administration. Development in Europe and in the world. Specify main conclusions in relationship on your doctoral thesis.

2. Competitiveness, knowledge and innovations of small and medium enterprises, eventually show the relationship on your doctoral thesis.

3. Organizing and organization planning, modern directions which take care on origin of paradigm of competition (stake on innovations and motivation). Personal Factor, its effectiveness, satisfaction and flexibility. Show reflection in your doctoral thesis.

4. Fusion and acquisition as a strategy of growth of business. Advantages and disadvantages, fruitfulness. Reaction of price of shares in case of realization of this strategy. Practical actual approaches in conclusion with your doctoral thesis.

5. Risk analyses in financial planning: Approaches, methods, procedures. Content reflection in doctoral thesis.

6. Corporate governance and value of the business, essential factors of its raising. Eventually analyze key factors in your doctoral thesis

7. Optimalization of business processes in term of one or more factors. Options of solving well or bad structured problems. Eventually specify main conclusions in relationship on your doctoral thesis.

8. Benchmarking and set of business functions for its application. Tools of benchmarking, background, eventual limited validity of benchmarking analyses. Actual status and possibilities of solutions in relationship on your doctoral thesis.

9. Economical analyses of business performance – strategical, tactical and operational level. Quantitative and qualitative aspect of analyses, foundation, advantages and disadvantages. Sugnification in solution of problems in relationship on your doctoral thesis.

10. Business financing, investment planning, internal and external financial sources. Financial optimalization tools. Business informational system and business reporting. Relevant research area in relationship on your doctoral thesis.


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