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Abacus-A Journal of Accounting Finance and Business Studies (ISSN: 0001-3072)0,4Since 1965 Abacus has consistently provided a vehicle for the expression of independent and critical thought on matters of current academic and professional interest in accounting, finance and business. The journal reports current research; critically evaluates current developments in theory and practice; analyses the effects of the regulatory framework of accounting, finance and business; and explores alternatives to, and explanations of, past and current practices.
ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT ANNALS (ISSN: 1941-6520)7,769The mission of the Academy of Management Annals is to provide up-to-date, in-depth examinations of the latest advances in various management fields. Each yearly volume features critical and potentially provocative research reviews written by leading scholars exploring an assortment of research topics. Annals reviews summarize and/or challenge established assumptions and concepts, pinpoint problems and factual errors, inspire discussions, and illuminate possible avenues for further study. Research reviews published in the Annals are geared toward academic scholars in management and professionals in allied fields, such as sociology of organizations and organizational psychology.
ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL (ISSN: 0001-4273)6,448The Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) is the flagship empirical journal in management, and has been indispensable reading for management scholars for more than five decades. AMJ articles test, extend, or build theory and contribute to management practice using a variety of empirical methods (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, field, laboratory, meta-analytic, and combination). AMJ articles are regularly cited in the major business media, including The New York Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Business Week, and Fortune.
Academy of Management Learning & Education (ISSN: 1537-260X)1,586The Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE) is ranked among the top five most influential and frequently cited management and educational research journals. AMLE examines pressing issues in the fields of management learning and education by presenting theory, models, research, critiques, dialogues and retrospectives that address the learning process and the practice of management education. Audience includes scholars, educators, program directors and deans at academic institutions, as well as practitioners in training and development and corporate education.
Academy of Management Perspectives (ISSN: 1558-9080)3,354The Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) publishes articles and symposia that address important issues concerning management and business. AMP articles and symposia are aimed at the non-specialist academic reader with a secondary audience that include existing and future "thought leaders." A distinctive aspect of AMP articles is a focus on evidence rather than the development of theory. Management research has expanded significantly in recent decades, making it difficult for scholars to follow advances in the multiple, specialized subfields. The Academy of Management Perspectives addresses this by publishing important work that synthesizes and translates theoretical and empirical research in management's distinct sub-fields in an authoritative evidential manner that makes these findings accessible for scholars outside that subfield. Research suitable for publication in AMP includes: (a) reviews of what we already know; (b) integration of diverse theories and empirical findings that inform in a new and interesting way; (c) forward-looking expositions that integrate and articulate existing theory and findings with new and provocative ideas; and (d) integration of theory and research in management with related advances in other non-management sciences and disciplines. Single articles or collections of related articles are welcome.
ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT REVIEW (ISSN: 0363-7425)7,475The Academy of Management Review (AMR) is a theory development journal for management and organization scholars around the world. AMR publishes novel, insightful and carefully crafted conceptual articles that challenge conventional wisdom concerning all aspects of organizations and their role in society. Each manuscript published in AMR must advance theory or the theory development process in the area of management and organizations. Authors can achieve this objective by developing new theory, significantly challenging current theory, synthesizing recent advances and ideas into fresh theory, initiating a search for new theory by pointing out and carefully delineating a novel type of problem, or crafting ways to improve the process of theory development. AMR is particularly interested in interesting and important theoretical advances that incorporate thought from multiple disciplines and/or areas within management.
Accounting and Business Research (ISSN: 0001-4788)0,957Accounting and Business Research publishes papers containing a substantial and original contribution to knowledge. Papers may cover any area of accounting, broadly defined and including corporate governance, auditing and taxation. Authors may take a theoretical or an empirical approach, using either quantitative or qualitative methods. They may aim to contribute to developing and understanding the role of accounting in business.
Accounting and Finance (ISSN: 0810-5391)0,746This established journal publishes theoretical, empirical and experimental papers that significantly contribute to the disciplines of accounting and finance. Using a wide range of research methods including statistical analysis, analytical work, case studies, field research and historical analysis, articles examine significant research questions from a broad range of perspectives. Accounting & Finance applies economic, organizational and other theories to accounting and finance phenomena and publishes occasional special issues on themes such as on research methods in management accounting.
ACTA OECONOMICA (ISSN: 0001-6373)0,179Acta Oeconomica publishes articles on Eastern European and Hungarian economic transition, theoretical and general issues of the transition process, economic policy, econometrics and mathematical economics. Space is also devoted to international economics, European integration, labour economics, industrial organisation, finance and business economics.Publishes book reviews and advertisements.
ACTA PSYCHOLOGICA (ISSN: 0001-6918 )2,248Acta Psychologica publishes original articles and extended reviews on selected books in any area of experimental psychology. The focus of the Journal is on empirical studies and evaluative review articles that increase the theoretical understanding of human capabilities. The majority of papers deal with human performance, attention, perception, memory, and decision-making but papers concerned with social processes, development, psychopathology, neuroscience or computational modelling are also welcome provided that they are of direct importance to experimental psychologists and are written so as to be understandable to such a readership.
ACTA SOCIOLOGICA (ISSN: 0001-6993)1,1Acta Sociologica welcomes high-quality theoretical and empirical papers in all areas of sociology, in the form of full-length original articles (including meta-analyses and reviews of fields of research), as well as book reviews and comments to previously published articles. Articles that present research comparing Nordic countries with one another or with other countries are particularly welcome. Maximum total length for original research articles is 8000 words, but shorter contributions are welcome. Book reviews and comments should preferably not exceed 1000 words.
ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE QUARTERLY (ISSN: 0001-8392)3,333The ASQ logo reads, "Dedicated to advancing the understanding of administration through empirical investigation and theoretical analysis." We interpret "administration" in the broadest possible sense to include all of the processes involved in creating, coordinating, and transforming the social settings in which it occurs. ASQ seeks to advance the understanding of management, organizations, and organizing in a wide variety of contexts, including teams, business and nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and markets. Contributions to this enterprise can include the discovery and analysis of new phenomena, new theoretical accounts informed by empirical analysis, or the disconfirmation of existing theory.
Advances in Strategic Management-A Research Annual (ISSN: 0742-3322)0,682Advances in Strategic Management is dedicated to communicating innovative, new research that advances theory and practice in Strategic Management. The domain of the series encompasses, but is not limited to, corporate and business unit strategy, strategic organization and process, alliances and networks, and competitive dynamics.
Agribusiness (ISSN: 0742-4477)0,672Agribusiness: An International Journal publishes research that improves our understanding of how food systems work, how they are evolving, and how public and/or private actions affect the performance of the global agro-industrial complex. The journal focuses on the application of economic analysis to the organization and performance of firms and markets in industrial food systems. Subject matter areas include supply and demand analysis, industrial organization analysis, price and trade analysis, marketing, finance, and public policy analysis. International, cross-country comparative, and within-country studies are welcome.
AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0169-5150)1,193Agricultural Economics aims to disseminate the most important research results and policy analyses in our discipline, from all regions of the world. Topical coverage ranges from consumption and nutrition to land use and the environment, at every scale of analysis from households to markets and the macro-economy. Applicable methodologies include econometric estimation and statistical hypothesis testing, optimization and simulation models, descriptive reviews and policy analyses. We particularly encourage submission of empirical work that can be replicated and tested by others.
Agricultural Economics-Zemedelska Ekonomika (ISSN: 0139-570X)0,442Original scientific papers dealing with agricultural subjects from the sphere of economics, management, informatics, ecology, social economy and sociology. Since 1993 the papers continually treat problems which were published in the journal Sociologie venkova a zem?d?lstv? until now. An extensive scope of subjects in fact covers the whole of agribusiness, that means economic relations of suppliers and producers of inputs for agriculture and food industry, problems from the aspects of social economy and rural sociology and finally the economics of the population nutrition.
American Economic Journal-Applied Economics (ISSN: 1945-7782)3,115American Economic Journal: Applied Economics publishes papers covering a range of topics in applied economics, with a focus on empirical microeconomic issues. In particular, we welcome papers on labor economics, development microeconomics, health, education, demography, empirical corporate finance, empirical studies of trade, and empirical behavioral economics. We are facilitating the exchange of ideas through our online discussion forum.
American Economic Journal-Economic Policy (ISSN: 1945-7731)2,769American Economic Journal: Economic Policy publishes papers covering a range of topics, the common theme being the role of economic policy in economic outcomes. Subject areas include public economics; urban and regional economics; public policy aspects of health, education, welfare and political institutions; law and economics; economic regulation; and environmental and natural resource economics.
American Economic Journal-Microeconomics (ISSN: 1945-7669)1,631American Economic Journal: Microeconomics publishes papers focusing on microeconomic theory; industrial organization; and the microeconomic aspects of international trade, political economy, and finance. The journal publishes theoretical work as well as both empirical and experimental work with a theoretical framework.
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics (ISSN: 1945-7707)3,78American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics focuses on studies of aggregate fluctuations and growth, and the role of policy in that context. Such studies often borrow from and interact with research in other fields, such as monetary theory, industrial organization, finance, labor economics, political economy, public finance, international economics, and development economics. To the extent that they make a contribution to macroeconomics, papers in these fields are also welcome.
AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW (ISSN: 0002-8282)3,673The American Economic Review is a general-interest economics journal. Established in 1911, the AER is among the nation's oldest and most respected scholarly journals in the economics profession and is celebrating over 100 years of publishing! The journal publishes 11 issues containing articles on a broad range of topics as well as the Papers and Proceedings issue in May, which presents selected papers from the AEA's annual meeting along with the reports of officers and committees.
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0002-9092)1,327The American Journal of Agricultural Economics provides a forum for creative and scholarly work on the economics of agriculture and food, natural resources and the environment, and rural and community development throughout the world. Papers should relate to one of these areas, should have a problem orientation, and should demonstrate originality and innovation in analysis, methods, or application.
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY (ISSN: 0002-9246)0,153Economics, sociology, American, Schalkenbach, Robert, politics, social, philosophy, monetary, finance, policy, development, research, article, periodical, analysis, reviews, book, studies, international, world, community, industrial
Annual Review of Economics (ISSN: 1941-1383)2,643The Annual Review of Economics covers significant developments in the field of economics, including macroeconomics and money; microeconomics, including economic psychology; international economics; public finance; health economics; education; economic growth and technological change; economic development; social economics, including culture, institutions, social interaction, and networks; game theory, political economy, and social choice; and more.
Annual Review of Financial Economics (ISSN: 1941-1367)1,094The Annual Review of Financial Economics provides comprehensive, forward-looking and critical reviews of the most significant theoretical, empirical, and experimental developments in financial economics, including the fields of capital markets, corporate finance, financial institutions, market microstructure, and behavioral and experimental finance.
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (ISSN: 2040-5790)1,203Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy publishes articles that achieve two objectives: to synthesize, integrate and analyze areas of current applied economic research within the mission of the AAEA in order to inform the decision-making and policy-making community; and to stimulate linkages between sub-fields of agricultural and applied economics in a way that illuminates and focuses future research and increases knowledge among researchers about the impact of public policy. The journal?s aim is to reframe the breadth of available technical economic literature to inform future economic research and broader audiences by presenting high quality agricultural and applied economic research in a way that is generally accessible. In each issue of the journal, at least two perspectives articles, specifically solicited by the editors, focus on selected themes of interest, alongside which are published submitted articles. Proposals for themes are encouraged, and should be sent to the editor responsible for perspectives articles. The mission of the AAEA is to enhance the skills, knowledge, and professional contributions of economists who help society solve agricultural, development, environmental, food and consumer, natural resource, regional, rural, and associated applied economics and business problems.
APPLIED ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0003-6846)0,613Applied Economics is a peer-reviewed journal encouraging the application of economic analysis to specific problems in both the public and private sectors. It particularly fosters quantitative studies, the results of which are of use in the practical field, and thus helps to bring economic theory nearer to reality. Contributions which make use of the methods of mathematics, statistics and operations research will be welcomed, provided the conclusions are factual and properly explained.
Argumenta Oeconomica (ISSN: 1233-5835)0,133Papers published in the ARGUMENTA OECONOMICA encompass the following areas of Economics and Management: theoretical foundations, practical evaluation of methodologies, case studies and justification of research projects, surveys of the state-of-the-art
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics (ISSN: 1608-1625)0,152 The Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics (APJAE) is an international forum intended for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of economics and accounting in general. In particular, the journal encourages submissions in the following areas: Auditing, financial reporting, earnings management, financial analysts, the role of accounting information, international trade and finance, industrial organization, strategic behavior, market structure, financial contracts, corporate governance, capital markets, and financial institutions.
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (ISSN: 2041-9945)0,302The Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies publishes original research articles that focus on empirical and theoretical research on capital markets. Papers in any of the following fields will be considered: investments, capital and security markets, market microstructure, corporate finance, and,quantitative methods of particular relevance to financial researchers.
Australian Journal of Management (ISSN: 0312-8962)1Research in accounting, applied economics, finance, industrial relations, political science, psychology, statistics, and other disciplines, provided the application is to management, as well as research in areas such as marketing, corporate strategy, operations management, organisation development, decision analysis, and other problem-focused paradigms.
B E Journal of Theoretical Economics (ISSN: 1935-1704)0,3Topics include contract theory, decision theory, game theory, general equilibrium theory, and mechanism design both pure and applied to such areas as industrial organization, public finance, labor and law and economics.
BRITISH JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT (ISSN: 1045-3172)1,584With contributions from around the globe, the journal includes empirical and methodological articles across the full range of business and management disciplines, including: General Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Management Development, Accounting and Finance, Business Ethics, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Strategic Management, Marketing, Operations Management, R&D Management, Business Economics, Public Sector Management, Research Methods
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (ISSN: 0007-2303)3,458The Brookings Papers on Economic Activity publishes research on current issues in macroeconomics, broadly defined. BPEA emphasizes innovative analysis that has an empirical orientation, takes real-world institutions seriously, and is relevant to economic policy. Papers are presented and discussed at conferences held twice each year, and the papers and discussant remarks from each conference are published in the journal several months later. Research findings are described in a clear and accessible style to maximize their impact on economic understanding and economic policymaking.
BULLETIN OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH (ISSN: 0307-3378)0,435economics, economic, research, bulletin, econometrics, history, applied, monopoly, finance, markets, monetary, regulation, policy, journal, research, analysis, periodical, article, reviews, book
Business & Society (ISSN: 0007-6503)1,468BAS focuses on original research relating to business ethics, business-government relations, corporate governance, corporate social performance, and environmental-management issues.
BUSINESS ETHICS QUARTERLY (ISSN: 1052-150X)1,927Business Ethics Quarterly (BEQ) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes theoretical and empirical research relevant to the ethics of business. Since 1991 this multidisciplinary journal has published articles and reviews on a broad range of topics, including the internal ethics of business organizations, the role of business organizations in larger social, political and cultural frameworks, and the ethical quality of market-based societies and market-based relationships. It recognizes that contributions to the better understanding of business ethics can come from any quarter and therefore publishes scholarship rooted in the humanities, social sciences, and professional fields.
Business Ethics-A European Review (ISSN: 0962-8770)0,541Ethics, business, European, Europe, review, ethical, debate, organisational, process, national, global, international, multinational, corporate, moral, morality, journal, analysis, research, philosophy, periodical, article, theory, book
BUSINESS HORIZONS (ISSN: 0007-6813)1,163The editorial aim is to publish original articles of interest to business academicians and practitioners. Articles cover a wide range of topical areas within the general field of business, with emphasis on identifying important business issues or problems and recommending solutions that address these. Ideally, articles will prompt readers to think about business practice in new and innovative ways. Business Horizons fills a unique niche among business publications of its type by publishing articles that strike a balance between the practical and the academic. To this end, articles published in Business Horizons are grounded in scholarship, yet are presented in a readable, non-technical format such that the content is accessible to a wide business audience.
Business Strategy and the Environment (ISSN: 0964-4733)2,542Business Strategy and the Environment (BSE) is the leading academic journal in its field with peer-reviewed contributions of a high quality. It seeks to provide original contributions that add to the understanding of business responses to improving environmental performance. It seeks to examine links between competitive strategy and environmental management as well as providing results of research into systems and standards, corporate environmental management tools, organisations and management, particular industry sectors and responses of business to contemporary environmental issues. It examines the role of regulation and policy in the business sector and encourages cross-country analysis. Contributions are encouraged which extend the scope of activity from environmental management to sustainable development in business.
CALIFORNIA MANAGEMENT REVIEW (ISSN: 0008-1256)1,667CMR primarily publishes articles on Strategy and Organization, Global Competition and Competitiveness, Business and Public Policy, and Managing Innovation. Contributors include management consultants, policy makers, and senior executives as well as business school faculty from across the nation and abroad.
CAMBRIDGE JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0309-166X)1,311The Cambridge Journal of Economics, founded in the traditions of Marx, Keynes, Kalecki, Joan Robinson and Kaldor, welcomes contributions from heterodox economics as well as other social science disciplines. Within this orientation the journal provides a focus for theoretical, applied, interdisciplinary, history of thought and methodological work, with strong emphasis on realistic analysis, the development of critical perspectives, the provision and use of empirical evidence, and the construction of policy. The Editors welcome submissions in this spirit on economic and social issues including, but not only, unemployment, inflation, the organisation of production, the distribution of the social product, class conflict, economic underdevelopment, globalisation and international economic integration, changing forms and boundaries of markets and planning, and uneven development and instability in the world economy.
CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES-REVUE CANADIENNE DES SCIENCES DE L ADMINISTRATION (ISSN: 0825-0383)0,442The Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences (CJAS) is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, international quarterly that publishes manuscripts with a strong theoretical foundation. The journal welcomes literature reviews, quantitative and qualitative studies as well as conceptual pieces. CJAS is an ISI-listed journal that publishes papers in all key disciplines of business. CJAS is a particularly suitable home for manuscripts of a crossdisciplinary nature. All papers must state in an explicit and compelling way their unique contribution to advancing theory and/or practice in the administrative sciences.
CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS-REVUE CANADIENNE D ECONOMIQUE (ISSN: 0008-4085)0,554The Canadian Journal of Economics (CJE) is the primary academic economics journal in Canada. The Journal is interested in publishing papers in all areas of economics, with the exception of very narrow papers addressed to small specialist audiences. The Journal welcomes both theoretical and empirical papers. Most published papers will make use of formal economic models or formal econometrics (or both).
Career Development International (ISSN: 1362-0436)1,29Individual careers - psychological and developmental perspectives, Career interventions (systems and tools, mentoring, etc), Government policy and practices, HR planning and recruitment, International themes and issues (MNCs, expatriation, etc), Organizational strategies and systems, Performance management, Work and occupational contexts
CESifo Economic Studies (ISSN: 1610-241X)0,643CESifo Economic Studies publishes provocative, high-quality papers in economics, with a particular focus on policy issues. Papers by leading academics are written for a wide and global audience, including those in government, business, and academia. The journal combines theory and empirical research in a style accessible to economists across all specialisations.
Consumption Markets & Culture (ISSN: 1025-3866)1,294 Consumption Markets & Culture (CMC) focuses on consumerism and the markets as the site of social behaviour and discourse. It encourages discussion of the role of management and organisations in society, especially in terms of production, consumption, colonialism, globalisation, business performance and labour conditions. Combining theories of culture, media, gender, anthropology, literary criticism, and consumption with analyses of business and management, the journal is international in its scope and iconoclastic in its aims. The editor considers marketing to be the ultimate social practice of postmodernity, blending art and commerce and requiring the constant renewal of styles, forms and images. Educating readers about the conscious and planned practice of signification and representation is, thus, the journal?s primary aim; its second is to take part in inquiring in and construction of the material conditions and meanings of consumption and production.
CONTEMPORARY ECONOMIC POLICY (ISSN: 1074-3529)0,478 The objectives are to communicate results of high quality economic analysis to policymakers, focus high quality research and analysis on current policy issues of widespread concern, increase knowledge among economists of features of the economy key to understanding the impact of policy, and to advance methods of policy analysis. We are interested in articles that will be widely read and cited, and economic analyses with an impact on policy choices, rather than papers that fill a narrow niche or are of parochial interest. All submissions are reviewed using the general criteria of quality, creativity, originality, accuracy, and contribution to policy choices. The categories of articles separate the audiences along a gradient of analytical content. CEP publishes economic analysis of policy issues, methods and results for policy analysis, and surveys.
Continuum-Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (ISSN: 1030-4312)0,261The journal editors are interested in papers investigating the relationship between media texts and wider questions of culture. Particular areas of interest include the formation of communities, publics and nations; questions of taste and value; international mediascapes; policy, industry and academic interventions; issues around the disciplinary status of history, media studies, cultural studies, philosophy and visual arts; and questions around technologies, identities and cultures.
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE-AN INTERNATIONAL REVIEW (ISSN: 0964-8410)1,734corporate governance, corpgov, democratic, investment, shareholder, democracy, rights, activism, board of directors, CEO, board, election, proxy, voting, vote, democratic corporate governance, shareholder activism, shareholder activism, shareholder rights, proxy voting, workplace democracy, ESOP, ESOPS, stockholders, stockholder, investor, investors, corpgov, pension, fund, funds, fiduciary, mutual funds, mutual fund, trustee, trustees, board of trustee, boards of trustees, governance, corporate, regulation, international, review, organisations, government, business, management, multinational, international, national, company, law, journal, research, analysis, periodical, book, reviews, article, theory
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management (ISSN: 1535-3958)2,321Corporate Environmental Management, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Accountability, ISO 14000, Eco Management and Audit Scheme, Business and the Environment, Environmental Policy, Environmental Management Tools, Environmental Audits, Eco Management, Eco Management and Audit Principles, journal, online journal, Wiley Online Library
Creativity and Innovation Management (ISSN: 0963-1690)1,016Creativity and Innovation Management fills a crucial gap in management literature between the theory and practice of organizing imagination and innovation. It gives managers insights into introducing innovation within their organizations and accelerating the development of creative performance in their staff. The journal's central consideration is how to challenge and facilitate creative potential, and how then to imbed this into result orientated innovative business development.
Critical Arts-South-North Cultural and Media Studies (ISSN: 0256-0046)0,133 Critical Arts interprets cultural studies as a form of praxis, of experience, and of strategic intervention. How does one explain the contradictions, the opposing ir/rationalities, the fracturing of logics which so brutally feed political solidarities at any cost? The exigencies of being under fire make it hard to find the discursive space in which participants can catch enough breath to speak the truths of their own participation. Our journal seeks to profile those approaches to issues that are amenable to a cultural studies-derived intervention, on the basis that `culture' is a marker of deeper continuities than the immediate conflicts under the fire of which so many must somehow live their lives. They must, perhaps, restore the vision of earlier theorists and historians, for whom `culture' was a kind of synthesis arising from the contradictions between human society and the politics of nations. Under the pressures of globalization, this kind of understanding becomes more relevant at every turn.
Critical Sociology (ISSN: 0896-9205)0.491Critical Sociology is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes the highest quality original research. The journal seeks to engage and promote critical thinking by publishing articles from all perspectives broadly defined as falling within the boundaries of critical or radical social science. Originally appearing as The Insurgent Sociologist, it grew out of the tumultuous times of the late 1960s and was a by-product of the "Sociology Liberation Movement" which erupted at the 1969 meetings of the American Sociological Association. At first publishing work mainly within the broadest boundaries of the Marxist tradition, over the past decade the journal has been home to articles informed by post-modern, feminist, cultural and other perspectives that critically evaluate the workings of the capitalist system and its impact on the world. The journal is a platform for scholars whose work explores the relationship between race, gender and class in their quest for a deeper understanding of society writ large.
Cross Cultural Management-An International Journal (ISSN: 1352-7606)0,396Managing People in Organizations, Diversity, Work Values, Comparative Accounting Structures,HRM Policies, Management Theory, Entrepreneurial Business , Cross Cultural Venturing and Alliances, Teamwork, Organizational Life.
CULTURAL CRITIQUE (ISSN: 0882-4371)0,105Cultural Critique provides a forum for creative and provocative scholarship in the theoretical humanities and humanistic social sciences. Transnational in scope and transdisciplinary in orientation, the journal strives to spark and galvanize intellectual debates as well as to attract and foster critical investigations regarding any aspect of culture as it expresses itself in words, images, and sounds, across both time and space. The journal is especially keen to support scholarship that engages the ways in which cultural production, cultural practices, and cultural forms constitute and manifest the nexus between the aesthetic, the psychic, the economic, the political, and the ethical intended in their widest senses. While informed by the diverse traditions of historical materialism as well as by the numerous critiques of such traditions from various parts of the globe, the journal welcomes contributions based on a variety of theoretical-methodological paradigms.
CULTURAL STUDIES (ISSN: 0950-2386)0,247 Cultural Studies is an international journal which explores the relation between cultural practices, everyday life, material, economic, political, geographical and historical contexts. It fosters more open analytic, critical and political conversations by encouraging people to push the dialogue into fresh, uncharted territory. It also aims to intervene in the processes by which the existing techniques, institutions and structures of power are reproduced, resisted and transformed. Cultural Studies understands the term ?culture? inclusively rather than exclusively, and publishes essays which encourage significant intellectual and political experimentation, intervention and dialogue. Special issues focus on specific topics, often not traditionally associated with cultural studies, and occasional issues present a body of work from a particular national, ethnic or special tradition.
Culture and Organization (ISSN: 1475-9551)0,167 Culture and Organization features refereed articles that offer innovative insights and provoke discussion. It particularly offers papers which employ ethnographic, critical and interpretive approaches, as practised in such disciplines as communication, media and cultural studies, which go beyond description and use data to advance theoretical reflection. The Journal also presents papers which advance our conceptual understanding of organizational phenomena. Theoretically, Culture and Organization bridges the arts and humanities and the social sciences, and welcomes papers which draw on the disciplinary practices and discourses of philosophy, the performing arts, literary and art criticism and historical analysis, for example, and applies them to the organizational and relevant social arenas.
ČESKOSLOVENSKÁ PSYCHOLOGIE (ISSN: 0009-062X)0,239Časopis Československá psychologie otiskuje výhradně původní, jinde nepublikované a jinému subjektu nenabídnuté práce z oblasti psychologické teorie, metodologie, výzkumu a praxe. Pozitivně recenzované a redakční radou přijaté práce jsou zařazeny do příslušných rubrik (např. teoretické studie, výzkumné studie, přehledové studie, metodická sdělení, předběžná sdělení, diskuse, úvahy, příspěvky z jednotlivých oblastí praxe (např. z klinické praxe), zprávy, recenze.
De Economist (ISSN: 0013-063X)0,575Since 1852, De Economist, until 2010 has provided an outlet for high quality research in economics. It reflects studies dealing with theoretical issues as well as applied work, preferably with a European flavour. Surveys of current research are also initiated and published with some regularity. For articles based on empirical research, authors are expected to make available the data set(s) they used through their own websites, thus enabling other researchers to replicate the results.
Decision Analysis (ISSN: 1545-8490)0,66Decision Analysis is dedicated to advancing the theory, application, and teaching of all aspects of decision analysis. The primary focus of this journal is to develop and study operational decision-making methods. The journal bridges the gap between theory and practice thereby facilitating active communication and exchange of knowledge among decision analysts in academia, business, industry, and government. Topics covered in Decision Analysis include the decision-relevant aspects of: Ambiguity, Applications of Decision Analysis, Auctions, Bayesian Simulation, Behavioral Economics and Finance, Behavioral Decision Theory Consumer Analysis, Creative Problem Structuring, Decision Analysis and Theory, Expected Utility Theory, Experimental Economics, Fairness Game Theory, Group Decisions, Intertemporal Decisions, Multiattribute Decisions, Neuroeconomics Operational, Decision Making Pooling, Judgments Probability, Elicitation Probability Scoring Rules, Risk Analysis, Teaching Decision Analysis, Value-Focused Decisions, Value of Information
Decision Sciences (ISSN: 0011-7315)1,347Decision Sciences, a premier journal of the Decision Sciences Institute, publishes scholarly research about decision making within the boundaries of an organization, as well as decisions involving inter-firm coordination. The journal promotes research advancing decision making at the interfaces of business functions and organizational boundaries. The journal also seeks articles extending established lines of work assuming the results of the research have the potential to substantially impact either decision making theory or industry practice. Ground-breaking research articles that enhance managerial understanding of decision making processes and stimulate further research in multi-disciplinary domains are particularly encouraged. Decision Sciences recognizes that a delicate balance must be maintained between publishing traditional scholarly research and promoting novel, seminal research in new frontiers.
DEVELOPING ECONOMIES (ISSN: 0012-1533)0,3The Developing Economies is the official journal of the Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO and publishes original research articles dealing with empirical and comparative studies on social sciences relating to the developing countries.
E & M Ekonomie a Management (ISSN: 1212-3609)1,021Jako tematické okruhy byly stanoveny: Ekonomie, Ekonomika podniku, Marketing, Management, Finance a bankovnictví, Účetní a daňová problematika a Statistika.
EASTERN EUROPEAN ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0012-8775)0,302Eastern European Economics publishes original research on the newly emerging economies of Central and Eastern Europe, with coverage of the ongoing processes of transition to market economics in different countries, their integration into the broader European and global economies, and the ramifications of the 2008-9 financial crisis.
Econ Journal Watch (ISSN: 1933-527X)0,29The primary content of EJW will be Comments on articles appearing in economics journals since 1990. A Comment criticizes an article?s assumptions, reasoning, claims of relevance, omissions, or conclusions. Authors are encouraged to use their knowledge of institutions to expose the limitations of articles in major journals. EJW welcomes replications or evaluations of the replicability of empirical work published in major journals.
ECONOMETRICA (ISSN: 0012-9682)3,889Econometrica publishes original articles in all branches of economics - theoretical and empirical, abstract and applied, providing wide-ranging coverage across the subject area. It promotes studies that aim at the unification of the theoretical-quantitative and the empirical-quantitative approach to economic problems and that are penetrated by constructive and rigorous thinking. It explores a unique range of topics each year - from the frontier of theoretical developments in many new and important areas, to research on current and applied economic problems, to methodologically innovative, theoretical and applied studies in econometrics. We strongly encourage recent Ph. D. graduates to submit their work to Econometrica. Our policy is to take into account the fact that recent graduates are less experienced in the process of writing and submitting papers. Keywords: econometrica, econometrics, theoretical, applied, empirical, analysis, research, financial, derivatives, journal, development, studies, review, periodical, article, theory, policy, market, economy, growth, monetary, exchange, globalisation, international.
Economic and Labour Relations Review (ISSN: 1035-3046)0,328The Economic and Labour Relations Review aims to bring together research in economics and labour relations in a multi-disciplinary approach to policy questions. It publishes research that is country-specific or based on regional comparisons, or that analyses global trends. In the context of the severest economic crisis since the Great Depression, the journal encourages articles that critically assess dominant policy orthodoxies, as well as alternative models, thereby facilitating informed debate. The journal particularly encourages articles that take a critical approach to neoliberalism, that adopt a post-Keynesian (heterodox) approach to economics, or that explore rights-, equality- or justice-based approaches to labour relations and social policy.
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND CULTURAL CHANGE (ISSN: 0013-0079)1,321EDCC is a multidisciplinary journal publishing studies that use modern theoretical and empirical approaches to examine both determinants and effects of various dimensions of economic development and cultural change. EDCC?s focus is on empirical papers with analytic underpinnings, concentrating on micro-level evidence, that use appropriate data to test theoretical models and to explore policy impacts related to a broad range of topics within economic development. EDCC publishes both papers with new insights as well as carefully executed replications that explore the robustness of results to different data, diverse model specifications, or ways of estimation.
Economic Inquiry (ISSN: 0095-2583)1,015Besides containing research on all economics topic areas, a principal objective is to make each article understandable to economists who are not necessarily specialists in the article's topic area.
ECONOMIC JOURNAL (ISSN: 0013-0133)2,336Keywords: economic, notes, economics, finance, banking, monetary, markets, structure, institutions, regulation, asset, risk, assessment, analysis, derivatives, exchange, international, corporate, government, industrial, journal, studies, review, periodical
ECONOMIC POLICY (ISSN: 0266-4658)2,485Keywords: economic policy, macroeconomics, microeconomics, labour market, trade, tax, monetary, exchange rate, competition policy, money, taxation, economic growth, government spending, European integration, investment, migration, international, journal, analysis, stock, markets.
Economic Systems Research (ISSN: 0953-5314)3,605Economic Systems is a refereed journal for the analysis of causes and consequences of the significant institutional variety prevailing among all developed, developing, emerging, and transition economies, as well as attempts at and proposals for their reform. The journal is open to micro and macro contributions, theoretical as well as empirical, the latter to analyze related topics against the background of country or region-specific experiences. This is to reflect the respective new orientation within the field of comparative economics: decades of development and transition experience in many countries have clearly demonstrated the importance of institutions and institutional change for the functioning of markets and the ways in which policies influence economic activity in general and economic growth in particular. However, we believe that institutional development is only one of the important factors in affecting domestic and global economies.
ECONOMIC THEORY (ISSN: 0938-2259)1,262Among the topics addressed in the journal are classical and modern equilibrium theory, cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, macroeconomics, social choice and welfare, uncertainty and information, intertemporal economics (including dynamical systems), public economics, international and developmental economics, financial economics, money and banking, and industrial organization.
Economica (ISSN: 0013-0427)1,045economica, economic, economics, history, statistics, finance, banking, monetary, markets, structure, institutions, regulation, asset, risk, assessment, analysis, derivatives, exchange, international, corporate
ECONOMICS LETTERS (ISSN: 0165-1765)0,51Economics Letters aims to be a valuable addition to the specialist literature, offering quick dissemination and easy accessibility of new results, models and methods in all fields of economic research. All researchers are welcome to submit their articles to Economics Letters, and especially young researchers and advanced graduate students are encouraged to submit their articles.
Economics of Governance (ISSN: 1435-6104)0,581Economics of Governance aims to foster research on governance at many levels: corporations, non-profit organizations, local and federal governments, and international organizations. Applications include the internal organization of firms, corporate governance, the private provision of public goods, local public policies, relations across levels of government, public expenditure and regulation, and problems of credibility and enforcement of international agreements. Though the journal aims to contribute to general economic knowledge, it is also interested in applying theoretical and empirical insights to important current topics.
Economics of Transition (ISSN: 0967-0750)0,423Economics, transition, econometrics, bank, investment, reconstruction, development, reform, finance, market, systems, eastern, Europe, Russia, China, Vietnam
Economics-The Open Access Open-Assessment E-Journal (ISSN: 1864-6042)0,644Innovation and Technology, Climate Change, Empirical Macro, Theoretical Macro, Heterodox Approaches to Macro, National and Global Governance, Econophysics, The Global Economic Crisis, International Trade, International Factor Movements and Multinational Firms, Foreign Exchange and Exchange Rate Regimes, Wages and Employment, Finance, Market Structure and Antitrust
Economy and Society (ISSN: 0308-5147)1,31For over 40 years, the journal has explored the social sciences in the broadest interdisciplinary sense, in innovative articles from some of the world?s leading sociologists and anthropologists, political scientists, legal theorists, philosophers, economists and other renowned scholars. In regular issues, and through issues devoted to special themes, Economy and Society covers questions ranging from economic governance to developments in the life sciences and beyond, and publishes major new work on current issues confronting progressive politics throughout Europe and the Americas, Africa, Australasia and the Pacific Rim.
Ekonomicky casopis (ISSN: 0013-3035)0,434Ekonomický časopis prináša state, diskusné príspevky a analytické štúdie z oblasti ekonomickej teórie, hospodárskej politiky, teórie a výsledkov sociálno-ekonomického prognózovania, peňažnej teórie a menovej politiky, podnikového manažmentu, bankovníctva, matematického modelovania, prierezových a odvetvových ekonomík, ako aj regionálneho a sociálneho rozvoja. Zaoberá sa otázkami svetovej ekonomiky, procesmi globalizácie a európskej integrácie. Prináša články z dejín ekonomického myslenia a národného hospodárstva, profily význačných slovenských a svetových ekonómov, recenzie teoretických prác a správy z vedeckého života.
Electronic Commerce Research (ISSN: 1389-5753)1,773A sampling of topics as they relate to the internet and electronic commerce include intelligent agents technologies and their impact; economics of electronic commerce; virtual electronic commerce systems; service creation and provisioning; supply chain management through the internet; collaborative learning, gaming, and work; and workflow for electronic commerce applications.
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (ISSN: 1567-4223)1,482E-commerce is a multi-disciplinary area, which should be developed in co-operation with existing fields such as Information Systems and Technology; Marketing, Finance and Supply Chain Management; Business Strategy and Management; Public Policy; Computer Science and Telecommunications; and Legal Studies.
EMERGING MARKETS FINANCE AND TRADE (ISSN: 1540-496X)Emerging Markets Finance & Trade publishes research papers on financial and economic aspects of emerging economies. The journal features contributions that are policy oriented and interdisciplinary, employing sound econometric methods, using macro, micro, financial, institutional, and political economy data. Geographical coverage includes emerging market economies of Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Additionally, the journal will publish thematic issues and occasional special issues featuring selected research papers from major conferences worldwide.
EMJ-Engineering Management Journal (ISSN: 1042-9247)0,319EMJ strives to provide value to the practice of engineering management and engineering managers. EMJ is an archival journal which facilitates both practitioners and university faculty in publishing useful articles. The primary focus is on articles which improve the practice of engineering management. To support the practice of engineering management, EMJ publishes papers within key engineering management focus areas.
Empirica (ISSN: 0340-8744)0,462 Examines problems of European economic integration, theoretically and empirically. Encompasses all aspects of micro (market structure; game-theoretic approaches) and macro issues of European economics, in particular related to the development of the European Union. Deals with international and national economic issues relevant to the process of economic integration in Europe.
Empirical Economics (ISSN: 0377-7332)0,693Empirical Economics publishes high quality papers using econometric or statistical methods to fill the gap between economic theory and observed data. Papers explore such topics as estimation of established relationships between economic variables, testing of hypotheses derived from economic theory, treatment effect estimation, policy evaluation, simulation, forecasting, as well as econometric methods and measurement.
Employee Relations (ISSN: 0142-5455)0,592Employee Relations is a leading international academic journal focusing on the importance of understanding and merging corporate, management and employee needs to achieve optimum performance, commitment and effectiveness, addresses research, practice and ideas about relationships between employment. International issues are covered in all areas of HR and industrial relations. A stringent double-blind review of each paper is undertaken to ensure its relevance and validity. - See more at:
ENGINEERING ECONOMIST (ISSN: 0013-791X)0,844The scope of the articles in the journal are devoted to the analysis and assessment of the problems related to engineering economics, managerial decisions, new technologies, strategic models, etc. Thus, a good opportunity is presented to disseminate knowledge, research results, their practical application and further development.
ENTERPRISE & SOCIETY (ISSN: 1467-2227)0,479Enterprise & Society offers a forum for research on the historical relations between businesses and their larger political, cultural, institutional, social, and economic contexts. The journal aims to be truly international in scope. Studies focused on individual firms and industries and grounded in a broad historical framework are welcome, as are innovative applications of economic or management theories to business and its context.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT (ISSN: 0898-5626)1,519 Entrepreneurship and Regional Development is unique in that it addresses the central factors in economic development - entrepreneurial vitality and innovation - as local and regional phenomena. It provides a multi-disciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship and small firm development and for those studying and developing the local and regional context in which entrepreneurs emerge, innovate and establish the new economic activities which drive economic growth and create new economic wealth and employment. The journal focuses on the diverse and complex characteristics of local and regional economies which lead to entrepreneurial vitality and endow the large and small firms within them with international competitiveness.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND PRACTICE (ISSN: 1042-2587)3,144Article topics include, but are not limited to: National and International Studies of Enterprise Creation, Small Business Management, Family-Owned Businesses, Minority Issues in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation, Research Methods, Venture Financing, Corporate and Non-Profit Entrepreneurship
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW (ISSN: 0014-2921)1,144Established in 1969, European Economic Review is one of the oldest general-interest economics journals for all of Europe. It is intended as a primary publication for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of economics. The purpose of the journal is to select articles that will have high relevance and impact in a wide range of topics. All work submitted to the journal should be original in motivation or modeling and be capable of replication.
European Financial Management (ISSN: 1354-7798)1,158finance, financial, European, management, corporations, corporate, institutions, Europe, stock, markets, Eurobond, Eurocurrency, exposure, integration, regulation, banking, monetary, treasury, journal, research, analysis, periodical, article, theory
European Journal of Cultural Studies (ISSN: 1367-5494)0,547The European Journal of Cultural Studies is a major international, peer-reviewed journal that promotes a broad-ranging conception of cultural studies rooted in lived experience. The journal is an interdisciplinary platform for charting new questions and new research, publishing articles on topics including gendered identities, cultural citizenship, migration, post-colonial criticism, consumer cultures, media and film, and cultural policy.
European Journal of Finance (ISSN: 1351-847X)0,75 The European Journal of Finance publishes a full range of research into theoretical and empirical topics in finance. The emphasis is on issues that reflect European interests and concerns. The journal aims to publish work that is motivated by significant issues in the theory or practice of finance. The journal promotes communication between finance academics and practitioners by providing a vehicle for the publication of research into European issues, stimulating research in finance within Europe, encouraging the international exchange of ideas, theories and the practical application of methodologies and playing a positive role in the development of the infrastructure for finance research, teaching and practice throughout Europe.
European Journal of Industrial Relations (ISSN: 0959-6801)0,689EJIR is essential reading for both academics and practitioners concerned with current and emergent trends in industrial and employment relations in Europe and elsewhere.
European Journal of International Management (ISSN: 1751-6757)0,457Environment of international management in Europe; international strategy, International HRM; HRM in the host-country environment, Cross-cultural management, Leadership styles/development/implications across cultures; global vs. local leadership, Globalisation and European developments Political and legal environments in Europe, Social responsibility and European organisations, European approach to ethical issues in management, Foreign market selection and market entry modes, Internationalisation of European SMEs, Strategic alliances and FDI in Europe or by European companies, Recruiting/selecting staff for international assignments, Training and development, re-entry and career issues, Management in the unified Europe; cultural diversity in Europe, Cross-cultural negotiation styles and communication within/with Europe
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MARKETING (ISSN: 0309-0566)1,006Whilst the European Journal of Marketing retains a European brand identity we are a truly international journal, actively encouraging global contributions from scholars across the broad domain of marketing. We welcome novel and ground-breaking contributions from a wide range of research traditions within marketing, particularly encouraging innovative ideas in conceptual developments and research methodologies. The EJM is not preferentially disposed towards either empirical work or pure theory, nor towards one particular method or approach.
European Journal of Political Economy (ISSN: 0176-2680)1,468The aim of the European Journal of Political Economy is to disseminate original theoretical and empirical research on economic phenomena within a scope that encompasses collective decision making, political behavior, and the role of institutions. Contributions are invited from the international community of researchers. Manuscripts must be published in English.
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (ISSN: 1359-432X)2,09 The mission of the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology is to promote and support the development of Work and Organizational Psychology by publishing high-quality scientific articles that improve our understanding of phenomena occurring in work and organizational settings. The journal publishes empirical, theoretical, methodological, and review articles that are relevant to real-world situations. The journal has a world-wide authorship, readership and editorial board. Submissions from all around the world are invited.
European Management Journal (ISSN: 0263-2373)1,222The European Management Journal (EMJ) is a generalist, academic review covering all fields of management including, but not limited to business ethics, business strategy, entrepreneurship & innovation, information systems, international business & cross-cultural studies, marketing, organization studies & general management as well as supply chain & operations management.
European Management Review (ISSN: 1740-4754)0,963EMR is receptive to research across a broad range of management topics such as human resource management, organization theory, strategic management, corporate governance, and managerial economics. Contributions can also be grounded in the basic social disciplines of management, economics, psychology, or sociology. Articles can be empirical, theoretical, or measurement oriented. Conceptual articles should provide new theoretical insights that can advance our understanding of management and organizations. Empirical articles should have well articulated and strong theoretical foundations. All types of empirical methods - quantitative, qualitative, or combinations of the two - are acceptable.
European Review of Agricultural Economics (ISSN: 0165-1587)1,271The European Review of Agricultural Economics is now firmly established as the pre-eminent forum for the discussion and dissemination of theoretical and applied agricultural economics research in Europe, with a readership that extends worldwide.
Family Business Review (ISSN: 0894-4865)5,528FBR provides a scholarly forum to publish conceptual, theoretical and empirical research aimed to advance the understanding of family enterprise around the world. FBR publishes insightful articles that address issues at the interface of family and business systems. It is the only SSCI listed refereed journal devoted exclusively to exploration of the dynamics of family enterprise. Its interdisciplinary forum captures the insights of professions from diverse fields such as accounting, behavioral sciences, entrepreneurship, finance, management, family business and family wealth consulting, law and public policy.
FINANCE A UVER-CZECH JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE (ISSN: 0015-1920)0,42It devotes special attention to monetary economics, public finance, financial economics, and international economics, but it is open to high-quality papers from all fields of modern economics. We prefer empirically oriented papers, but do not exclude review articles or theoretical contributions provided that they are of high quality and relevant to the journal?s aims. Among empirical papers, we prefer those that are relevant to a broad international audience, i.e., papers covering a range of countries or analyzing topics that are clearly relevant outside a single country.
Finance Research Letters (ISSN: 1544-6123)0,646Finance Research Letters encourages submissions of new research in all finance fields, from asset pricing, investments, risk management, regulation, and insurance to corporate finance, financial intermediation, financial econometrics, financial forecasting, and financial engineering. It excludes fields widely considered to be part of economics, such as macro- and microeconomics, economic theory, economic history, and industrial organization.
FINANCIAL ANALYSTS JOURNAL (ISSN: 0015-198X)1,548The goal of the Financial Analysts Journal is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the practice of investment management through the publication of high-quality, practitioner-relevant research.
FinanzArchiv (ISSN: 0015-2218)0,5FinanzArchiv publishes original work from all fields of public economics which are of interest to an international readership, e.g. taxation, public debt, public goods, public choice, federalism, market failure, social policy, and the welfare state. Special emphasis is on high-quality theoretical and empirical papers on current policy issues.
FISCAL STUDIES (ISSN: 0143-5671)0,545Recent papers published have covered a broad range of topical issues of concern worldwide, including higher education finance, labour supply, poverty and inequality, and productivity. As well as more traditional applied economics papers, the journal also encourages the submission of timely papers that aim to provide considered responses to current policy debates. If accepted for publication, the editors will work quickly to publish time-sensitive papers in order to maximise their impact. Fiscal Studies is able to offer a very swift turnaround from acceptance to publication for all our articles, with authors usually experiencing a waiting time of only a few months.
Games and Culture (ISSN: 1555-4120)0,39Games and Culture (G&C), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is an international journal that promotes innovative theoretical and empirical research about games and culture within interactive media. The journal serves as a premiere outlet for ground-breaking work in the field of game studies and its scope includes the socio-cultural, political, and economic dimensions of gaming from a wide variety of perspectives
Gender, Work & Organization (ISSN: 0968-6673)0,963gender, studies, work, organisation, industrial, relations, anthropology, history, labour economics, law, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, management, recruitment, career, development, journal, analysis, research, periodical, article, employment, law striktně zaměřeno na gender theory; interní recenze cca 3 měsíce, pokud úspěšné, pošlou na externí
German Economic Review (ISSN: 1465-6485)0,54German Economic Review, the official publication of the German Economic Association (Verein f?r Socialpolitik), is an international journal publishing original and rigorous research of general interest in a broad range of economic disciplines, including: macro- and microeconomics, economic policy, international economics, public economics, finance, business administration
Global Strategy Journal (ISSN: 2042-5805)3,694The domain of GSJ, as implied by the journal name, will be the study of any and all aspects of the environment, organizations, institutions, systems, individuals, actions, and decisions that are a part of or impinge on the practice or study of strategy and strategic management of business and non-business organizations in the global context. By global, we explicitly mean any cross-border activities described as international, global, transnational, multinational, multi-regional or by any other term that substantially implies that the activities take place in multiple countries and/or are integrated across borders. This is an expansive vision which is intended to be inclusive of both current and emergent areas of study. The journal will be defined clearly by its focus on international and global organizational strategic management, rather than a universalistic approach to the study of strategy.
Group & Organization Management (ISSN: 1059-6011)1,4Group & Organization Management (GOM) publishes the work of scholars and professionals who extend management and organization theory and address the implications of this for practitioners. Topics include teams, group processes, leadership, organizational behavior, organizational theory, strategic management, organizational communication, gender and diversity, cross-cultural analysis, and organizational development and change, but all articles dealing with individual, group, organizational and/or environmental dimensions are appropriate. The journal provides an open forum for debate/synergy among diverging philosophical and methodological traditions in traditions in management, social sciences and the humanities, welcoming qualitative and quantitative research-based articles as well as critical research reviews and analyses.
Group Decision and Negotiation (ISSN: 0926-2644)2,12The idea underlying the journal, Group Decision and Negotiation, emerges from evolving, unifying approaches to group decision and negotiation processes. These processes are complex and self-organizing involving multiplayer, multicriteria, ill-structured, evolving, dynamic problems. Approaches include (1) computer group decision and negotiation support systems (GDNSS), (2) artificial intelligence and management science, (3) applied game theory, experiment and social choice, and (4) cognitive/behavioral sciences in group decision and negotiation. A number of research studies combine two or more of these fields. The journal provides a publication vehicle for theoretical and empirical research, and real-world applications and case studies
Human Performance (ISSN: 0895-9285)1,273Human Performance publishes research investigating the nature of performance in the workplace and in applied settings and offers a rich variety of information going beyond the study of traditional job behavior. Dedicated to presenting original research, theory, and measurement methods, the journal investigates individual and team performance factors that influence work effectiveness.
Human Relations (ISSN: 0018-7267)2,398Human Relations encourages strong empirical contributions that develop and extend theory as well as more conceptual papers that integrate, critique and expand existing theory. Human Relations also welcomes critical reviews that genuinely advance our understanding of the connections between management, organizations and interdisciplinary social sciences.
Human Resource Development Quarterly (ISSN: 1044-8004)0,833Human resource development, workplace issues, workplace learning, leadership and management, organizational studies, accountability, assessment, feedback, upward appraisal, cross-cultural issues, evaluation, training, knowledge development, mentoring, coaching, performance appraisals, strategic practices, supervisory training, team development, group development, workplace performance.
Human Resource Development Review (ISSN: 1534-4843)1,366Human Resource Development Review (HRD), published quarterly, is a theory journal for scholars of human resource development and related disciplines. HRD publishes articles that make theoretical contributions to theory development, foundations of HRD, theory building methods, and integrative reviews of the literature, as well as addressing philosophies of HRD, historical foundations, definitions of the field, conceptual organization of the field, and ethical foundations.
Human Resource Management (ISSN: 0090-4848)1,293Bridging research and practice, this is the premier journal for HR leaders. It is filled with thought-provoking articles that lead to new approaches to the human resource management field.
Human Resource Management Journal (ISSN: 0954-5395)1,86Human Resource Management Journal is a scholarly journal which seeks to promote the understanding of HRM to academics and practicing managers. It aims to provide an international forum for discussion and debate and to stress the critical importance of people management to wider economic, political and social concerns. The journal is essential reading for everyone involved in personnel, training and human resource management and is the only HRM journal to be endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
Human Resource Management Review (ISSN: 1053-4822)2,179Subject areas considered appropriate include, but are not limited to, personnel selection, compensation, performance appraisal, attraction and retention, training and development, human resource applications of computer technology, and human resource planning.
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT (ISSN: 0018-9391)1,103Transactions invites contributions from researchers, educators, managers and students of technology and innovation management. The contributions may be conceptual, theoretical, or empirical. To be considered for publication, papers must shed light on the theory or practice of engineering, technology, or innovation management.
Independent Review (ISSN: 1086-1653)0,161The Independent Review is the acclaimed interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of political economy and the critical analysis of government policy. The Independent Review is thoroughly researched, peer-reviewed, and based on scholarship of the highest caliber. However, unlike so many other journals, it is also provocative, lucid, and written in an engaging style. Ranging across the fields of economics, political science, law, history, philosophy, and sociology, The Independent Review boldly challenges the politicization and bureaucratization of our world, featuring in-depth examinations of past, present, and future policy issues by some of the world's leading scholars and experts.
Industrial and Corporate Change (ISSN: 0960-6491)1,26The journal covers the following: the internal structures of firms; the history of technologies; the evolution of industries; the nature of competition; the decision rules and strategies; the relationship between firms' characteristics and the institutional environment; the sociology of management and of the workforce; the performance of industries over time; the labour process and the organization of production; the relationship between, and boundaries of, organizations and markets; the nature of the learning process underlying technological and organizational change.
INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE (ISSN: 1386-4181)2,111The journal is committed to present and interpret the evidence on corporate and industrial change, drawing from an interdisciplinary set of approaches and theories from e.g. economics, sociology of organization, organization theory, political science, and social psychology. It is a forum where industrial historians explicitly relate their analyses to the state of the art in the relevant social sciences and propose conjectures and theories. Conversely, economists and practitioners of other social disciplines are encouraged to apply their models to the historical evidence.
Industrial and Organizational Psychology (ISSN: 1754-9426)0,579Industrial and Organizational Psychology focuses on interactive exchanges on topics of importance to science and practice in our field: psychology, industrial, organizational, work, personnel, labour, human resources, practice, applied
INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT (ISSN: 0019-8501)1,82Industrial Marketing Management provides theoretical, empirical and case-based research geared to the needs of marketing scholars and practitioners researching and working in industrial and business-to-business markets. An editorial review board of leading international scholars and practitioners assures a balance of theory and practical applications in all articles. Scholars from North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Asia and other regions of the globe offer the latest findings for improving effectiveness and efficiency of industrial markets. This comprehensive approach keeps readers abreast of the most timely data and current thinking necessary for better marketing decisions and strategy in global industrial and business-to-business markets.
Industry and Innovation (ISSN: 1366-2716)0,732Industry and Innovation dedicates special attention to depicting tendencies in industrial dynamics, such as the emergence of new industries; restructuring of existing industries; rise of new institutional and organizational forms; globalization; and other aspects of geographical organization. Empirical studies include: Performance differences among and within industries, The increasing incidence of particular organizational forms in industries; such as clusters; networks; inter-firm projects; and online communities, The dynamics of vertical integration and disintegration, modularity, systems integration, and ?open innovation?, The impact upon economic performance of institutions such as property right regimes; open source, industrial/science/regional policies; and social capital/social conventions/trust, The growth of new consumer industries; for example, Cultural Industries such as film, music, computer games, and the interplay between these industries and ?old? industries, The growth of new service industries, such as Knowledge-Intensive Business Services and design, The restructuring; globalization; or decline of ?old? industries, Innovation strategy implications and new trends in innovation policies.
Information & Management (ISSN: 0378-7206)1,865Information & Management serves researchers in the information systems field and managers, professionals, administrators and senior executives of organizations which design, implement and manage Information Systems Applications.
Information and Organization (ISSN: 1471-7727)1,727 Information and Organization seeks to publish original scholarly articles on the relationships between information technologies and social organization. It seeks a scholarly understanding that is based on empirical research and relevant theory. Information and Organization also seeks to advance established and emerging theoretical arguments through the publication of papers that review empirical research and provide directions for future research and theory development. Essays that provoke critical thinking on important subjects are also sought. The aim is to provide a forum that brings together innovative, reflective, and rigorous scholarship. Of special interest are contributions on the social construction of information technologies, the implications of information technologies for organizational change, alternative organizational designs such as virtual and networked organizations, information system development, organizational governance and control, accounting systems, globalization, decision processes, organizational learning, ethics of information, organizational communication and organizational culture. A rich variety of disciplines provide valuable perspectives on these topics, and the journal seeks contributions from fields such as information systems, organization science, philosophy, history, psychology, anthropology, political science, sociology, computer science, communication, and others.
Information Communication and Society (ISSN: 1369-118X)1,676iCS analyses such questions from a global, interdisciplinary perspective in contributions of the very highest quality from scholars and practitioners in the social sciences, gender and cultural studies, communication and media studies, as well as in the information and computer sciences.
Information Systems and E-Business Management (ISSN: 1617-9846)0,385The journal Information Systems and e-Business Management (ISeB) focuses on the core tasks of Information Systems Management, the conceptual analysis, design, and deployment of information systems, as well as on all e-business related topics.
Information Systems Research (ISSN: 1047-7047)2,436Topics covered in Information Systems Research include: Computer-Mediated Communication, Data Communications, Decision Support Systems, E-Learning, Electronic Commerce, Information Technology, IT Diffusion and Adoption, Knowledge Management, Network Economics, Software Development Methodologies, Systems Design and Implementation, Virtual Teams, Workflow and Process Management
Information Technology & Management (ISSN: 1385-951X)Information Technology and Management explores the many different technologies inherent in the field of information technology and their impact on information systems design, functionality, operations, and management. The journal takes a broad view of information systems as systems that not only include machines but human beings as well. As a result, the journal is an important outlet for studies concerning the man/machine interface, human factors, and organizational issues. Moreover, the journal explores the managerial issues and the strategic issues that arise from the management of information technology.
Innovation-Management Policy & Practice (ISSN: 1447-9338)0,513innovation research, policy analysis and best practice in large, medium and small enterprises, public and private sector service organizations, local, state and national government, urban, rural and regional societies and economies with special emphasis on linking academic research to future practice. Original articles within this scope - particularly from developing, medium and small economies - are welcomed.
Innovations in Education and Teaching International (ISSN: 1470-3297)0,384Innovations in Education and Teaching International (IETI), is the journal of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) . As such, contributions to the Journal should reflect SEDA’s aim to promote innovation and good practice in higher education through staff and educational development and subject-related practices. Contributions are welcomed on any aspect of promoting and supporting educational change in higher and other post-school education, with an emphasis on research, experience, scholarship and evaluation, rather than mere description of practice.
International Business Review (ISSN: 0969-5931)1,713The journal provides a forum for academics and professionals to share the latest developments and advances in knowledge and practice of international business. It aims to foster the exchange of ideas on a range of important international subjects and to provide stimulus for research and the further development of international perspectives. The international perspective is further enhanced by the geographical spread of the contributors. Articles, all of which are refereed, comprise: empirical studies with practical application; examinations of theoretical and methodological developments in the field of business studies; and reviews of the literature in international business.
INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC REVIEW (ISSN: 0020-6598)1,21The International Economic Review was established in 1960 to provide a forum for modern quantitative economics. From its inception, the journal has tried to stimulate economic research around the world by publishing cutting edge papers in many areas of economics, including econometrics, economic theory, macro, and applied economics.
International Insolvency Review (ISSN: 1180-0518)0,1Our principal aims are therefore to provide authoritative information and comment about major issues and developments in the field of insolvency, viewed in an international perspective.
International Journal of Advertising (ISSN: 0265-0487)1,094The International Journal of Advertising (IJA) publishes original contributions on all aspects of marketing communications from the academic, practitioner and public policy perspectives. It includes: advertising and media, direct marketing, sales promotions, sponsorship, public relations and integrated marketing communications (IMC).
International Journal of Arts Management (ISSN: 1480-8986)0,29Published for the first time in the fall of 1998, the International Journal of Arts Management has quickly become essential reading for the arts management community. Each issue is approximately 80 pages in length and covers a wide range of topics and viewpoints of direct interest to academics and practitioners. All articles meet the highest standards of intellectual rigour.
International Journal of Consumer Studies (ISSN: 1470-6423)1,293Consumer studies, education, fuel, energy, food production, food science, home economics, housing, materials science, textile industry, tourism
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (ISSN: 0959-6119)1,407The International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM) communicates the latest developments and thinking on the management of hospitality and tourism businesses worldwide. As both a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal, IJCHM publishes double-blind reviewed papers covering issues relevant to strategic management, operations, marketing, finance and human resources management.
International Journal of Cultural Policy (ISSN: 1028-6632)0,565 The International Journal of Cultural Policy provides an outlet for an interdisciplinary and international exploration of the meaning, function and impact of cultural policies. Cultural policy is understood as the promotion or prohibition of cultural practices and values by governments, corporations, other institutions and individuals. Such policies may be explicit, in that their objectives are openly described as cultural, or implicit, in that their cultural objectives are concealed or described in other terms. The historical range is not limited to any given period, but the Journal is primarily concerned with material that is relevant to the contemporary world and which contributes to a fruitful international exchange of ideas.
International Journal of Cultural Studies (ISSN: 1367-8779 )0,459nternational Journal of Cultural Studies (IJCS) is a fully peer reviewed bimonthly journal edited by John Hartley and now indexed by ISI - Impact Factor pending. Promoting theoretical, empirical and historical research representative of international perspectives on cultural and media developments across the globe it explores the globalisation of the field and the study of the impact of globalisation on local cultural practices and media ecologies
International Journal of Economic Theory (ISSN: 1742-7355)0,135microeconomics, macroeconomics, game theory, general equilibrium, welfare economics, public economics, industrial organization, inter-temporal economics, international economics, development economics, behavioral and experimental economics and mathematical methods for economics.
International Journal of Educational Development (ISSN: 0738-0593)1,064The purpose of the International Journal of Educational Development is to report new insight and foster critical debate about the role that educationplays in development. Aspects of development with which the journal is concerned include economic growth and poverty reduction; human development, well being, the availability of human rights; democracy, social cohesion and peace-building; resilience and environmental sustainability. 
International Journal of Electronic Commerce (ISSN: 1086-4415)1,872Analytical attention is focused on the following issues: The marketplace and organizational effects of e-commerce, Business and organizational transformation with e-commerce, Business value in e-commerceInternet business models, Supply chain management and collaborative commerce, E-tailing and multichannel selling, Co-creation and consumer roles in e-commerce, Online communities, Social media and social networks, Economics of electronic commerce, E-commerce in business globalization, E-marketplaces, Marketing on the Web, M-commerce and pervasive computing, Digital product management and property rights, Security and privacy of transactions and information, E-commerce payment systems
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FINANCE & ECONOMICS (ISSN: 1076-9307)0,837International economics, international finance, financial economics, international political economy, financial analysis and treasury management, policy making.
International Journal of Human Resource Management (ISSN: 0958-5192)0,916The International Journal of Human Resource Management is the forum for HRM scholars and professionals worldwide. Concerned with the expanding role of strategic human resource management in a fast-changing global environment, the journal focuses on future trends in human resource management, drawing on empirical research in the areas of strategic management, international business, organizational behaviour, personnel management and industrial relations that arise from: internationalization, technological change, market integration, new concepts of line management, increased competition, changing corporate climates.
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION (ISSN: 0167-7187)0,984The IJIO is an international venture that aims at full coverage of theoretical and empirical questions in industrial organization. This includes classic questions of strategic behavior and market structure. The journal also seeks to publish articles dealing with technological change, internal organization of firms, regulation, antitrust and productivity analysis. We recognize the need to allow for diversity of perspectives and research styles in industrial organization and we encourage submissions in theoretical work, empirical work, and case studies.
International Journal of Intercultural Relations (ISSN: 0147-1767)1,058JIR is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of theory, research and practice in the field of intercultural relations, including, but not limited to, topics such as acculturation; intercultural communication; intergroup perceptions, contact, and interactions; intercultural training; and cultural diversity in education, organizations and society. 
International Journal of Logistics Management (ISSN: 0957-4093)0,946Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit manuscripts that advance the science and practice of logistics and supply chain management. While articles in any area of logistics or supply chain management are welcomed, the editors are especially interested in those dealing with managerial applications of theory and technique. Articles which provide guidelines for framing, interpreting or implementing the logistics process in the supply chain are of particular interest. All articles are anonymously reviewed for publication by referees who look for original ideas that are clearly presented.
International Journal of Logistics: Research & Applications (ISSN: 1367-5567)0,482High quality contributions are therefore welcomed from both academics and professionals working in the field of logistics and supply chain management. Papers should further our understanding of logistics and supply chain management and make a significant original contribution to knowledge. In this context the term ?logistics? is taken in its broadest context as "the management of processes, flow of materials and associated information along the entire supply chain, from raw materials through to the final user of the product".
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT REVIEWS (ISSN: 1460-8545)3,857The journal covers all the main management sub-disciplines including, for example, HRM, OB, International & Strategic Management, Operations Management, Management Sciences, Information Systems & Technology Management, Accounting & Finance, and Marketing. Each issue includes state-of-the-art literature review articles/surveys which examine the relevant literature published on a specific aspect of the sub-discipline, for example, HRM: Appraisal Systems.
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANPOWER (ISSN: 0143-7720)0,471The International Journal of Manpower (IJM) is a double-blind reviewed journal provides guidance for those involved at all levels in human resource planning and labour economics. The journal publishes research papers, the results and analysis of which will have implications or relevance to policy makers and practitioners in relevant fields. IJM gives priority to strongly empirical/analytical research papers.
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARKET RESEARCH (ISSN: 1470-7853)0,528The International Journal of Market Research is the primary source of cutting-edge thinking and ideas about marketing and social research. It provides coverage of the latest developments, thinking, tools and techniques as well as a forum for discussion and debate.
International Journal of Operations & Production Management (ISSN: 0144-3577)1,736The International Journal of Operations & Production Management exists to provide a communication medium for all those working in the operations management field. This includes: Private and public sectors, Manufacturing and service settings, Academic institutions, Consultancies. The content of the Journal focuses on topics which have a substantial management (as opposed to technical) content. A double-blind review process ensures the journal content's high quality, validity and relevance.
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management - See more at: (ISSN: 0960-0035)1,802IJPDLM seeks strategically focused, theoretically grounded, empirical and conceptual, quantitative and qualitative, rigorous and relevant, original research studies in logistics, physical distribution and supply chain management operations and associated strategic issues. Topics include, but are not limited to: Customer service and distribution, Order processing and inventory management, Implementation of supply chain processes, Information and communication technology, Sourcing and procurement, Risk management and security, Personnel recruitment and training, Sustainability and environmental, Collaboration and integration, Global supply chain management and network complexity, Information and knowledge management, Legal, financial and public policy, Retailing, channels and business-to-business management, Organizational and human resource development, Logistics and SCM education.
International Journal of Project Management (ISSN: 0263-7863)2,436Application areas include: information systems, strategic planning, research and development, system design and implementation, engineering and construction projects, finance, leisure projects, communications, defence, agricultural projects, major re-structuring and new product development. Papers originate from all over the world and are fully peer-reviewed, on the 'double-blind' system. In addition, the journal carries conference reports, and book reviews.
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING (ISSN: 0167-8116)1,575The International Journal of Research in Marketing is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal for marketing academics and practitioners. Building on a great tradition of global marketing scholarship, IJRM aims to contribute substantially to the field of marketing research by providing a high-quality medium for the dissemination of new marketing knowledge and methods. Among IJRM's targeted audience are marketing scholars, practitioners (e.g., marketing research and consulting professionals) and other interested groups and individuals.
International Journal of Selection and Assessment (ISSN: 0965-075X)0,814The International Journal of Selection and Assessment (IJSA) is leading, peer reviewed journal, that publishes empirical studies, review articles, and theoretical expositions, related to all aspects of staffing and assessment in organizations.
International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics (ISSN: 1756-6517)0,862IJSTL is an international peer-reviewed journal addressing all methodological aspects in the field of shipping and transport logistics, particularly those that require empirical or mathematical analysis with managerial implications. IJSTL is dedicated to publishing original, high-quality and methodologically rigorous research papers that address significant management issues pertinent to shipping/transport logistics. IJSTL also publishes informative and critical book reviews of newly published books with scholarly and practical contributions that advance the state-of-the-art of the theory and practice of shipping/transport logistics.
International Journal of Social Welfare (ISSN: 1369-6866)0,875The International Journal of Social Welfare publishes original articles in English on social welfare and social work. Its interdisciplinary approach and comparative perspective promote examination of the most pressing social welfare issues of the day by researchers from the various branches of the applied social sciences. The journal seeks to disseminate knowledge and to encourage debate about these issues and their regional and global implications. 
International Journal of Technology Management (ISSN: 0267-5730)0,625IJTM aims to provide a refereed and authoritative source of information in the field of managing with technology, and the management of engineering, science and technology. It seeks to establish channels of communication between government departments, technology executives in industry, commerce and related business, and academic experts in the field.
International Journal of Transport Economics (ISSN: 0391-8440)0,548Since 1974, the main aims of the Review is to bring together the research work beig done in the field of Transport Economics and arrange it organically in the form of a synthesis between theory and fact. The situation facing transport economics is one in which old problems remain to be solved and new ones have been created by a wider range of information and improved methods of analysis. In addition, foreseeable development in the internal logic of theories and the formulation of fresh hypotheses to interpret complex phenomena, both economic and non-economic, are becoming the object of further research for which the Review is intended to be a medium of expression and comparison. It is important in this respect to stress the fact that transport economics is prepared to take advantage of contributions from allied sciences and combine them in providing a more convincing interpretation of realities together with solutions to concrete problems. Within this framework the contributions to the Review from inside and outside Italy, though differing in standpoint and cultural background, will all be expected to maintain a rigorous standard of scientific scholarship.
INTERNATIONAL LABOUR REVIEW (ISSN: 0020-7780)0,222The International Labour Review is the world?s leading multidisciplinary journal of labour market institutions and economics. Its aim is to advance academic research and inform policy debate and decision-making in these fields by bringing together the original thinking of lawyers, economists, sociologists, political scientists and industrial relations specialists on a broad range of labour market policy and social protection concerns.
INTERNATIONAL MARKETING REVIEW (ISSN: 0265-1335)1,865IMR?s definition of international marketing is purposefully broad and includes, although is not restricted to: International market entry decisions and relationships; Export marketing and supply chain issues; International retailing; International channel management; Consumer ethnocentrism, country and product image and origin effects; Cultural considerations in international marketing; International marketing strategy; Aspects of international marketing management such as international branding, advertising and new product development.
International Review of Economics & Finance (ISSN: 1059-0560)1,704The International Review of Economics & Finance (IREF) is a scholarly journal devoted to the publication of high quality theoretical and empirical articles in all areas of international economics, macroeconomics and financial economics. Contributions that facilitate the communications between the real and the financial sectors of the economy are of particular interest. IREF especially seeks rigorous papers that deal with open economy macroeconomics, exchange rates and financial issues. Theoretical and empirical research submitted to the IREF should be original in both its content and structure.
INTERNATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS JOURNAL (ISSN: 0266-2426)1,8The International Small Business Journal (ISBJ) publishes the highest quality original research papers on small business and entrepreneurship. The ISBJ attracts submissions from international academics focusing upon theoretical, empirical, policy and practitioner issues within the fields of small business and entrepreneurship. Articles published in the ISBJ are of importance to academics, policy makers, practitioners and analysts in government and organizations, seeking to understand small businesses, entrepreneurial processes and outcomes.
International Sociology (ISSN: 0268-5809)0,812Established in 1986 by the International Sociological Association (ISA),International Sociology is a highly ranked peer reviewed journal whose aim is to reflect the theoretical and empirical diversity of international sociology. 
Inzinerine Ekonomika-Engineering Economics (ISSN: 1392-2785)0,871The scope of the articles in the journal are devoted to the analysis and assessment of the problems related to engineering economics, managerial decisions, new technologies, strategic models, etc.
JCMS-Journal of Common Market Studies (ISSN: 0021-9886)1,855JCMS aims to achieve a disciplinary balance between political science, economics and international relations, including the various sub disciplines such as international political economy. The editors are also open to submissions based in other social science of legal disciplines. In addition to mainstream theoretical and empirical articles, the JCMS publishes shorter pieces in its European Agenda section which focus on specific policy areas or which report the results of specialised research projects. Each year a special issue is devoted to a comprehensive review of the activities of the European Union in the previous year.
Journal for East European Management Studies (ISSN: 0949-6181)0,278The editors invite articles that are social science-based and address the general areas of Organisation and Management Studies, including Strategic Management, the Management of Change, Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations, International and Cross-Cultural Management and Business Ethics.
JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING AND PUBLIC POLICY (ISSN: 0278-4254)0,547The Journal of Accounting and Public Policy publishes research papers focusing on the intersection between accounting and public policy. Preference is given to papers illuminating through theoretical or empirical analysis, the effects of accounting on public policy and vice-versa. Subjects treated in this journal include the interface of accounting with economics, political science, sociology, or law.
JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING (ISSN: 0091-3367)1,242 The Journal of Advertising (JA) is the premier academic publication covering significant intellectual development pertaining to advertising theories and their relationship with practice. The goal of the Journal is to provide a public forum that reflects the current understanding of advertising as a process of communication, its role in the changing environment, and the relationships between these and other components of the advertising business and practice.
JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING RESEARCH (ISSN: 0021-8499)2,563The mission of the Journal of Advertising Research is to enhance advertising research and research about advertising by providing a forum for sharing research findings, their applications, statements of need, and avenues of solution. Its primary audience is the practitioner at all levels of practice. The JAR encourages dialogue between practitioners and academics to expand the scientific body of knowledge about advertising research and to facilitate the translation of that knowledge into the practice of advertising and its research.
JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS (ISSN: 1068-5502)0,526Manuscripts dealing with the economics of food and agriculture, natural resources and the environment, human resources, and rural development issues are especially encouraged.
JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0021-857X)1,278The Journal of Agricultural Economics is a leading international professional journal, providing a forum for research into agricultural economics and related disciplines such as statistics, marketing, business management, politics, history and sociology, and their application to issues in the agricultural, food, and related industries; rural communities, and the environment.
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (ISSN: 0021-8855)1,088Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis is a psychology journal that publishes research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance.
Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology (ISSN: 0193-3973)1,185The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology provides a forum for the presentation of conceptual, methodological, policy, and research studies involved in the application of behavioral science research indevelopmental and life span psychology. 
Journal of Applied Economics (ISSN: 1514-0326)0,258The Journal of Applied Economics publishes original contributions on applied issues in micro and macroeconomics.
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY (ISSN: 0021-9010)4,799The Journal of Applied Psychology emphasizes the publication of original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to fields of applied psychology (other than clinical and applied experimental or human factors, which are more appropriate for other American Psychological Association journals). The journal primarily considers empirical and theoretical investigations that enhance understanding of cognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioral psychological phenomena.
Journal of Applied Social Psychology (ISSN: 0021-9029)0,79Published since 1971, Journal of Applied Social Psychology is a monthly publication devoted to applications of experimental behavioral science research to problems of society (e.g., organizational and leadership psychology, safety, health, and gender issues; perceptions of war and natural hazards; jury deliberation; performance, AIDS, cancer, heart disease, exercise, and sports). 
JOURNAL OF BANKING & FINANCE (ISSN: 0378-4266)1,299Main subjects covered include: Accounting and Financial Reporting; Alternative Investments; Asset Pricing; Banking Efficiency; Banking Regulation; Bank Solvency and Capital Structure; Behavioural Finance; Commodity and Energy Markets; Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance and Ethics; Credit Rating; Derivative Pricing and Hedging; Empirical Finance; Financial Applications of Decision Theory or Game Theory; Financial Applications of Simulation or Numerical Methods; Financial Economics; Financial Engineering; Financial Forecasting; Financial Risk Management and Analysis; Portfolio Optimization and Trading; Regulation of Financial Markets and Institutions; Stochastic Models for Asset and Instrument Prices; Systemic Risk.
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & ECONOMIC STATISTICS (ISSN: 0735-0015)2,241The Journal of Business and Economic Statistics ( JBES ) publishes a range of articles, primarily applied statistical analyses of microeconomic, macroeconomic, forecasting, business, and finance related topics. More general papers in statistics, econometrics, computation, simulation, or graphics are also appropriate if they are immediately applicable to the journal's general topics of interest. Articles published in JBES contain significant results, high-quality methodological content, excellent exposition, and usually include a substantive empirical application.
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL MARKETING (ISSN: 0885-8624)0,75The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing (JBIM) publishes research on new ideas concerning business-to-business marketing, that is, how one company or organization markets its goods/services/ideas to another company or organization.It is a valuable source for academics, directors and executives of marketing, providing them with new, fresh insights which are applicable within real life settings. JBIM's emphasis on insistence of proof is one of the cornerstones of its success and its reputation. Contributors to the journal must not only present new theories or research, but also back them up with research. In the process, many myths are exploded, philosophies reinvented and the scene set for topical debate on critical issues such as marketing through recession, marketing in a global arena, strategies for increasing marketshare, finding new markets and developing new products.
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND PSYCHOLOGY (ISSN: 0889-3268)2,075Typical subject matters include: Team processes and effectiveness, Customer service and satisfaction, Employee recruitment, selection, and promotion, Employee engagement and withdrawal, Organizational culture and climate, Training, development and coaching, Mentoring and socialization, Performance management, appraisal and feedback, Workplace diversity, Leadership, Workplace health, stress, and safety, Employee attitudes and satisfaction, Careers and retirement, Organizational communication, Technology and work, Employee motivation and job design, Organizational change and development, Employee citizenship and deviance, Organizational effectiveness
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION (ISSN: 1050-6519)0,438Journal of Business and Technical Communication (JBTC), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, keeps you informed about the latest communication practices, problems and trends in both business and academic settings or sectors. It covers written, oral and electronic communication in all areas of business, science and government
Journal of Business Economics and Management (ISSN: 1611-1699)0,723Areas of research include, but are not limited to, the following: Global Business, Transition Issues, Economic Growth and Development, Economics of Organizations and Industries, Finance and Investment, Strategic Management, Marketing, Innovations, Public Administration, Case Studies
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS (ISSN: 0167-4544)1,326The Journal of Business Ethics publishes only original articles from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives concerning ethical issues related to business that bring something new or unique to the discourse in their field. Since its initiation in 1980, the editors have encouraged the broadest possible scope. The term `business' is understood in a wide sense to include all systems involved in the exchange of goods and services, while `ethics' is circumscribed as all human action aimed at securing a good life. Systems of production, consumption, marketing, advertising, social and economic accounting, labour relations, public relations and organisational behaviour are analysed from a moral viewpoint. The style and level of dialogue involve all who are interested in business ethics - the business community, universities, government agencies and consumer groups.
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting (ISSN: 0306-686X)0,914Journal of Business Finance & Accounting publishes high quality research papers in accounting, corporate finance, corporate governance and their interfaces. JBFA sponsors an annual Capital Markets Conference, with conference papers being published in a Special Issue each year.
Journal of Business Logistics (ISSN: 0735-3766)1,833The editorial objectives of the Journal of Business Logistics are to advance knowledge and science and to stimulate greater thought and effort in the fields of logistics and supply chain management by providing readers with: new and helpful information; new logistics and supply chain management theory or techniques; research generalizations about logistics and supply chain management thought and practice; creative views and syntheses of dispersed concepts in logistics and supply chain management; articles in subject areas which have significant current impact on thought and practice in logistics and supply chain management which present challenges for the future.
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH (ISSN: 0148-2963)1,48The Journal of Business Research applies theory developed from business research to actual business situations. Recognizing the intricate relationships between the many areas of business activity, JBR examines a wide variety of business decisions, processes and activities within the actual business setting. Theoretical and empirical advances in buyer behavior, finance, organizational theory and behavior, marketing, risk and insurance and international business are evaluated on a regular basis.
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS VENTURING (ISSN: 0883-9026)3,678The Journal of Business Venturing: A Journal Dedicated to Entrepreneurship provides a scholarly forum for sharing useful and interesting theories, narratives, and interpretations of the antecedents, mechanisms, and/or consequences of entrepreneurship. This multi-disciplinary, multi-functional, and multi-contextual journal aspires to deepen our understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon in its myriad of forms. The journal publishes entrepreneurship research from (1) the disciplines of economics, psychology, and sociology and welcomes research from other disciplines such as anthropology, geography, history, and so on, (2) the functions of finance/accounting, management, marketing, and strategy and welcomes research from other functions such as operations, information technology, public policy, medicine, law, music, and so on, and (3) the contexts of international and sustainability (environmental and social) and welcomes research from other contexts such as high uncertainty, dynamism, time pressured, emotional, and so on.
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing (ISSN: 1051-712X)0,577Some of the main topical areas covered by the journal are business buyer relationship management, business buying behavior, business buyer-seller dyad, organizational networks and alliances, industrial segmentation, business marketing strategy, fostering ethical business marketing practices, legal issues/government regulation and traditional business marketing mix areas such as industrial products/business services, managing innovations, business brands, packaging, pricing (negotiations, bidding), industrial distribution-logistics and supply chain management, promotion (personal selling and sales management, trade shows, direct marketing methods, sales promotions and all forms of industrial advertising), and the impact of Internet practices on all areas of business marketing.
Journal of Career Assessment (ISSN: 1069-0727)1,507Journal of Career Assessment (JCA) provides methodologically sound, empirically based studies focusing on the process and techniques by which counselors gain understanding of the individual faced with making informed career decisions. The journal covers the various techniques, tests, inventories, rating scales, interview schedules, surveys, and direct observational methods used in scientifically based practice to provide an improved understanding of career decision-making.
Journal of Communication (ISSN: 0021-9916)3,16The Journal of Communication is the flagship journal of the International Communication Association and an essential publication for all communications specialists and policy makers. The Journal of Communication concentrates on communication research, practice, policy, and theory, bringing to its readers the latest, broadest, and most important findings in the field of communication studies
Journal of Community Psychology (ISSN: 0090-4392)0,667The Journal of Community Psychology is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to research, evaluation, assessment and intervention, and review articles that deal with human behavior in community settings. Articles of interest include descriptions and evaluations of service programs and projects, studies of youth, parenting, and family development, methodology and design for work in the community, the interaction of groups in the larger community, and criminals and corrections.
JOURNAL OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS (ISSN: 0022-0078)1,59Consumer, journal of consumer affairs, consumers, market research, consumer goods, marketing.
Journal of Consumer Behaviour (ISSN: 1472-0817)0,714Keywords: Consumer behaviour, marketing, consumer attitudes, relationship marketing
Journal of Consumer Culture (ISSN: 1469-5405)1,194Journal of Consumer Culture is a fully peer reviewed journal which promotes multidisciplinary research focused on consumption and consumer culture. Publishing three times a year, it adopts a global perspective critically drawing on both theory and empirical research within history, anthropology, media studies, sociology, marketing, geography, and beyond.
JOURNAL OF CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY (ISSN: 1057-7408)2,243The Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP) publishes top-quality research articles that contribute both theoretically and empirically to our understanding of the psychology of consumer behavior. JCP is the official journal of the Society for Consumer Psychology, Division 23 of the American Psychological Association. JCP publishes articles in areas such as consumer judgment and decision processes, consumer needs, attitude formation and change, reactions to persuasive communications, consumption experiences, consumer information processing, consumer-brand relationships, affective, cognitive, and motivational determinants of consumer behavior, family and group decision processes, and cultural and individual differences in consumer behavior.
JOURNAL OF CONSUMER RESEARCH (ISSN: 0093-5301)3,125Founded in 1974, the Journal of Consumer Research publishes scholarly research that describes and explains consumer behavior. Empirical, theoretical, and methodological articles spanning fields such as psychology, marketing, sociology, economics, communications, and anthropology are featured in this interdisciplinary journal. The primary thrust of JCR is academic, rather than managerial, with topics ranging from micro-level processes (such as brand choice) to more macro-level issues (such as the development of materialistic values).
Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management (ISSN: 0966-0879)0,568crisis, contingencies, management, journal, planning, scenario, analysis, corporate, public, sector, risk, international, assessment, conflict, restructuring, reorganisation, market, shift, population, crowd, control, terrorism, research, periodical, reviews, book
JOURNAL OF CORPORATE FINANCE (ISSN: 0929-1199)1,193The Journal of Corporate Finance aims to publish high quality, original manuscripts that analyze issues related to corporate finance. Contributions can be of a theoretical, empirical, or clinical nature. Topical areas of interest include, but are not limited to: financial structure, payout policies, corporate restructuring, financial contracts, corporate governance arrangements, the economics of organizations, the influence of legal structures, and international financial management. Papers that apply asset pricing and microstructure analysis to corporate finance issues are also welcome.
JOURNAL OF CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY  (ISSN: 0022-0221)1,929The Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (JCCP) is a leading interdisciplinary forum for psychologists, sociologists, and other researchers who investigate the interrelationships between culture and behavior. JCCP focuses on important cross-cultural issues, such as individualism, self-enhancement, acculturation, family values, ethnic group comparisons, gender differences, and personality.
Journal of Cultural Economics (ISSN: 0885-2545)0,758The Journal of Cultural Economics is the only professional journal in the field and is the official journal of the ACEI. It publishes original papers that deal with the theoretical development of cultural economics as a subject, the application of economic analysis and econometrics to the field of culture, and with the economic aspects of cultural policy. Besides full-length papers, short papers and book reviews are also published.
JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE (ISSN: 1296-2074)1,568The Journal of Cultural Heritage publishes original papers which comprise previously unpublished data and present innovative methods concerning all aspects of science and technology of cultural heritage as well as interpretation and theoretical issues related to preservation.The journal is particularly devoted to:m- Safeguard, conservation and exploitation of cultural heritage, Analyses and preservation of biodiversity, Sociological and economical analyses, Computer sciences in cultural heritage, Climate change, environment and cultural heritage.
Journal of Destination Marketing & Management (ISSN: 2212-571X)1The Journal of Destination Marketing & Management (JDMM) aims to be the leading international journal for the study of tourist destinations by providing a critical understanding of all aspects of their marketing and management, as they are situated in their particular policy, planning, economic, geographical and historical contexts.
JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION (ISSN: 0167-2681)1,297The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization is devoted to theoretical and empirical research concerning economic decision, organization and behavior and to economic change in all its aspects. Its specific purposes are to foster an improved understanding of how human cognitive, computational and informational characteristics influence the working of economic organizations and market economies and how an economy's structural features lead to various types of micro and macro behavior, to changing patterns of development and to institutional evolution.
JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION (ISSN: 0022-0485)0,612The Journal of Economic Education offers original articles on teaching economics. In its pages, leading scholars evaluate innovations in teaching techniques, materials, and programs. Instructors of introductory through graduate level economics will find the journal an indispensable resource for content and pedagogy in a variety of media. The Journal of Economic Education is published quarterly in cooperation with the National Council on Economic Education and the Advisory Committee on Economic Education of the American Economic Association.
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination (ISSN: 1860-711X)0,962The Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination is the official journal of the Association of Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents. It is dedicated to the vibrant and interdisciplinary field of agent-based approaches to economics and social sciences. The journal focuses on simulating and synthesizing emergent phenomena and collective behavior in order to understand economic and social systems. A sample of topics addressed in the journal includes artificial markets with heterogeneous agents, multi-agents in economics, experimental economics, econophysics, financial markets with heterogeneous agents, non-linear economic dynamics, interacting particle systems in economics, markets as complex adaptive systems, theory and simulation of agent-based models, etc.
JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ISSUES (ISSN: 0021-3624)0,573 The Journal of Economic Issues is an internationally respected journal of institutional and evolutionary economics and serves as the official journal of the Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE). JEI publishes articles that describe aspects of evolving economies, economic problems, economic policy, economic history, and methodology. The primary mission of JEI is to present articles that use and develop the core ideas of institutional economics in discussions of current economic problems and policy alternatives. JEI is the leading journal for ongoing debate of institutional economic theory and a major forum for discussion of solutions to real economic problems.
JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC LITERATURE (ISSN: 0022-0515)5,354The Journal of Economic Literature (JEL), first published in 1969, is designed to help economists keep abreast of the vast flow of literature. JEL issues contain commissioned, peer-reviewed survey and review articles, book reviews, an annotated bibliography of new books classified by subject matter, and an annual index of dissertations in North American universities.
JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES (ISSN: 0895-3309)4,977The Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP) attempts to fill a gap between the general interest press and most other academic economics journals. The journal aims to publish articles that will serve several goals: to synthesize and integrate lessons learned from active lines of economic research; to provide economic analysis of public policy issues; to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas among the fields of thinking; to offer readers an accessible source for state-of-the-art economic thinking; to suggest directions for future research; to provide insights and readings for classroom use; and to address issues relating to the economics profession. Articles appearing in the journal are normally solicited by the editors and associate editors. Proposals for topics and authors should be directed to the journal office
JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PSYCHOLOGY (ISSN: 0167-4870)1,23The Journal aims to present research that will improve understanding of behavioral, especially socio-psychological, aspects of economic phenomena and processes.The Journal seeks to be a channel for the increased interest in using behavioral science methods for the study of economic behavior, and so to contribute to better solutions of societal problems, by stimulating new approaches and new theorizing about economic affairs. Economic psychology as a discipline studies the psychological mechanisms that underlie consumption and other economic behavior. It deals with preferences, choices, decisions, and factors influencing these, as well as the consequences of decisions and choices with respect to the satisfaction of needs. This includes the impact of external economic phenomena upon human behavior and well-being. Studies in economic psychology may relate to different levels of aggregation, from the household and the individual consumer to the macro level of whole nations. Economic behavior in connection with inflation, unemployment, taxation, economic development, as well as consumer information and economic behavior in the market place are thus the major fields of interest.
JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC SURVEYS (ISSN: 0950-0804)1,402As economics becomes increasingly specialized, communication amongst economists becomes even more important. The Journal of Economic Surveys seeks to improve the communication of new ideas. It provides a means by which economists can keep abreast of recent developments beyond their immediate specialization. Areas covered include: economics, econometrics, economic history and business economics.
Journal of Economic Theory (ISSN: 0022-0531)1,033The Journal of Economic Theory publishes original research on economic theory. JET is the leading journal among those specializing in economic theory. It is also one of nine core journals in all of economics.
Journal of Economics (ISSN: 0931-8658)0,893Specializing in mathematical economic theory, Journal of Economics focuses on microeconomic theory while also publishing papers on macroeconomic topics as well as econometric case studies of general interest. Regular supplementary volumes are devoted to topics of central importance to both modern theoretical research and present economic reality.
JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT STRATEGY (ISSN: 1058-6407)0,747economics, management, strategy, international, business, industrial, organization, finance, managerial
Journal of Empirical Finance (ISSN: 0927-5398)0,714Modelling and forecasting asset returns ? Modelling, measuring and forecasting volatility and risk premia ? The capital asset pricing model, multifactor models ? Term structure of interest rate models ? Empirical pricing models for options and other derivatives ? Empirical studies in corporate finance ? Exchange rate determination and other empirical studies in international finance ? Microstructure of security markets ? Modelling emerging markets ? Evaluating the performance of portfolio management ? Modelling high frequency data, transactions data, non-synchronous trading ? Risk management and hedging ? Empirical credit risk modelling
JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT (ISSN: 0923-4748)2,06he Journal of Engineering and Technology Management (JET-M) is an international scholarly refereed research journal which aims to promote the theory and practice of technology, innovation, and engineering management. The journal links engineering, science, and management disciplines. It addresses the issues involved in the planning, development, and implementation of technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of an organization. It covers not only R&D management, but also the entire spectrum of managerial concerns in technology-based organizations. This includes issues relating to new product development, human resource management, innovation process management, project management, technological fusion, marketing, technological forecasting and strategic planning
Journal of Family Business Strategy (ISSN: 1877-8585)1,318Journal of Family Business Strategy publishes research that contributes new knowledge and understanding to the field of family business. The Journal is international in scope and welcomes submissions that address all aspects of how family influences business and business influences family.
JOURNAL OF FINANCE (ISSN: 0022-1082)5,424The Journal of Finance publishes leading research across all the major fields of financial research. It is one of the most widely cited academic journal on finance and one of the most widely cited journals in all of economics as well. Each issue of the journal reaches over 8,000 academics, finance professionals, libraries, government and financial institutions around the world. Published six times a year, the journal is the official publication of The American Finance Association, the premier academic organization devoted to the study and promotion of knowledge about financial economics.
JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS (ISSN: 0022-1090)1,566The Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA) publishes theoretical and empirical research in financial economics. Topics include corporate finance, investments, capital and security markets, and quantitative methods of particular relevance to financial researchers.
JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0304-405X)4,047The Journal of Financial Economics began a new section containing applied papers and case studies in 1989. This section provides a high-quality professional outlet for scholarly studies of actual cases, events or practice. Such phenomena provide a rich source of data that illustrate or challenge accepted theory and lead to new insights about the world. These studies currently have few professional outlets, and with this section The Journal of Financial Economics takes a leading role in encouraging such work. Applications and case study papers are often different in form, scope and content and can be more conjectural. The papers deal with issues that are often less quantifiable, more descriptive and normative than usual. Papers that raise a new question or pose an old one in an innovative way and papers that test theories in specialized ways or document interesting phenomena which are likely to stimulate new research are emphasized.
Journal of Human Capital (ISSN: 1932-8575)0,6JHC encompasses microeconomic, macroeconomic, and international economic perspectives on the theme of human capital. The journal offers a platform for discussion of topics ranging from education, labor, health, and family economics, to income distribution, social mobility, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, immigration and economic globalization, aging and value of life saving, politics and institutions, crime and corruption, technological innovation and transfer, productivity and structural change, and economic growth and development.
JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCES (ISSN: 0022-166X)1,507The Journal of Human Resources is among the leading journals in empirical microeconomics. Intended for scholars, policy makers, and practitioners, each issue examines research in a variety of fields including labor economics, development economics, health economics, and the economics of education, discrimination, and retirement. Founded in 1965, the JHR features articles that make scientific contributions in research relevant to public policy practitioners.
JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0022-1821)1,039Economics, industrial, journal, industry, markets, firms, analysis, economic, organization, applied, oligopoly, product, differentiation, theory, monopoly, regulation, merger, technical, development, research, periodical, article, review
JOURNAL OF INTERACTIVE MARKETING (ISSN: 1094-9968)2,773A partial list of topics suitable for publication in the journal might include, but not be limited to: Electronic retail, Interactive advertising, Clickstream modeling, Browsing and buying behavior, E-service and self-service technology, Online branding, Direct marketing, Database marketing, Customer relationship management, Strategic use of IT, E-business strategy, Multichannel marketing, Social media and social networks, Network effects and markets, Two-sided platform management, Mobile marketing, Search engines, Viral marketing, User-generated content, Privacy, trust and ethical issues, Online pricing and auctions, Recommendor systems, Direct and interactive B2B marketing
JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES (ISSN: 0047-2506)3,563JIBS welcomes submissions in any of the six sub-domains of international business studies: (1) the activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of multinational enterprises; (2) interactions between multinational enterprises and other actors, organizations, institutions, and markets; (3) the cross-border activities of firms (e.g., intrafirm trade, finance, investment, technology transfers, offshore services); (4) how the international environment (e.g., cultural, economic, legal, political) affects the activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of firms; (5) the international dimensions of organizational forms (e.g., strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions) and activities (e.g., entrepreneurship, knowledge-based competition, corporate governance); and (6) cross-country comparative studies of businesses, business processes and organizational behavior in different countries and environments.
Journal of International Development (ISSN: 0954-1748)0,622The Journal aims to publish the best research on international development issues in a form that is accessible to practitioners and policy-makers as well as to an academic audience. The main focus is on the social sciences - economics, politics, international relations, sociology and anthropology, as well as development studies - but we also welcome articles that blend the natural and social sciences in addressing the challenges for development. 
Journal of International Economics (ISSN: 0022-1996)2,368The Journal of International Economics is intended to serve as the primary outlet for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of international economics. These include, but are not limited to the following: trade patterns, commercial policy; international institutions; exchange rates; open economy macroeconomics; international finance; international factor mobility. The Journal especially encourages the submission of articles which are empirical in nature, or deal with issues of open economy macroeconomics and international finance.
Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting (ISSN: 0954-1314)0,278finance, financial, accounting, management, journal, banking, services, auditing, taxation, policy, corporate, macroeconomics, economics, derivatives, risk, profitability, forecasting, research, analysis, periodical, article, reviews, book
Journal of International Management (ISSN: 1075-4253)1,648The Journal of International Management is devoted to advancing an understanding of issues in the management of global enterprises, global management theory, and practice; and providing theoretical and managerial implications useful for the further development of research. It is designed to serve an audience of academic researchers and educators, as well as business professionals, by publishing both theoretical and empirical research relating to international management and strategy issues. JIM publishes theoretical and empirical research addressing international business strategy, comparative and cross-cultural management, risk management, organizational behavior, and human resource management, among others.
JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (ISSN: 1069-031X)3,1IM focuses on marketing topics within an international context. In JIM, international marketing is conceptualized within two general domains: (1) international (i.e., when marketing activities occur across national boundaries) or (2) cross-cultural (i.e., when comparisons regarding marketing-related issues are made across national boundaries). Both the editor and the reviewers are less positive to studies that are not deemed as fitting within one of these two general domains (e.g., a study of Chinese consumer perceptions of Chinese brands). If an approach outside the two general domains is undertaken in a study, it is incumbent on the authors to clearly demonstrate the importance of the work to the field of international marketing.
Journal of International Trade & Economic Development (ISSN: 0963-8199)0,341 The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development ( JITED ) focuses on international economics, economic development, and the interface between trade and development. The links between trade and development economics are critical at a time when fluctuating commodity prices, ongoing production fragmentation, and trade liberalisation can radically affect the economies of advanced and developing countries.
Journal of Knowledge Management (ISSN: 1367-3270)1,586The Journal of Knowledge Management is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the exchange of the latest academic research and practical information on all aspects of managing knowledge in organizations. The journal publishes original research and case studies by academic, business and government contributors on strategies, tools, techniques and technologies for Knowledge Management. The focus of this journal is on the identification of innovative Knowledge Management strategies and the application of theoretical concepts to real-world situations.
JOURNAL OF LABOR ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0734-306X)1,893JOLE?s contributors investigate various aspects of labor economics, including supply and demand of labor services, personnel economics, distribution of income, unions and collective bargaining, applied and policy issues in labor economics, and labor markets and demographics.
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies (ISSN: 1548-0518)1,125Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies (JLOS), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, seeks to advance the theory, research and practice of all aspects of leadership and organizations. Research results are preferred, but theoretical contributions and new applications are also appropriate. Although leadership topics are emphasized, any area of interest in organizational behavior, human resource management, strategy, international management, or entrepreneurship is also encouraged.
Journal of Macromarketing (ISSN: 0276-1467)1,075The Journal of Macromarketing is primarily a marketing journal (although it includes a wide range of social science disciplines) that focuses on important societal issues as they are affected by marketing and on how society affects the conduct of marketing. The journal covers macromarketing areas such as marketing and public policy, marketing and development, marketing and the quality of life, and the history of marketing.
JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT (ISSN: 0149-2063)6,071The Journal of Management (JOM) is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles, that have a high impact on the management field as a whole. The journal encourages new ideas or new perspectives on existing research. The journal covers such areas as: ? Business strategy & policy ? Organizational behavior ? Human resource management ? Organizational theory ? Research Methods
Journal of Management & Organization (ISSN: 1833-3672)0,594JMO is an international peer-reviewed journal for timely publication of research, scholarship, educational and practitioner perspectives on management-related themes and topics. It aims to provide global perspectives on management and organizations of benefit to scholars, educators, students, practitioners, policy-makers and consultants worldwide. JMO publishes articles from across the management discipline, featuring original articles which inform management research and practice from outside the dis cipline-such as from psychology, education, political science, sociology, statistics and research design.
Journal of Management Information Systems (ISSN: 0742-1222)2,062Analytical attention is focused on the following issues: Information systems for competitive positioning, Business processes and management enabled by information technology, Business value of information technology, Management of information resources, Integration of information systems planning into business plans, Business globalization and information technology, Relationship between information technology and organizational performance and structures, Enterprise-wide systems architectures and infrastructures, Electronic commerce and net-enabled organizations, Robustness and security of information-technology infrastructures, Informational support of collaborative work, Knowledge management,organizational learning, and organizational memory, Systems sourcing, development, and stewardship in organizations, The human element in organizational computing, Data- and knowledge-based system architectures
Journal of Management Inquiry (ISSN: 1056-4926)1,446Journal of Management Inquiry (JMI), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is a leading journal for scholars and professionals in management, organizational behavior, strategy, and human resources. JMI explores ideas and builds knowledge in management theory and practice, with a focus on creative, nontraditional research, as well as, key controversies in the field.
JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (ISSN: 0022-2380)3,763Consistently highly ranked in the Management category of the ISI Journal Citation Reports, the Journal of Management Studies (JMS) is a globally respected, multidisciplinary journal with a long established history of excellence in management research. JMS publishes innovative empirical and conceptual articles which advance knowledge of management and organisation broadly defined, in such fields as organization theory, organizational behaviour, human resource management, strategy, international business, entrepreneurship, innovation and critical management studies. JMS has an inclusive ethos and is open to a wide range of methodological approaches and philosophical underpinnings. Keywords: management, studies, journal, organisational, theory, behaviour, strategy, human, resources, development, applied, reviews, book, marketing, operations, corporate, economics, business, public, sector, methods, analysis, periodical, article, theory, review.
Journal of Managerial Psychology (ISSN: 0268-3946)1,2Journal of Managerial Psychology (JMP) has a unique focus on the social impact of managerial psychology and concerns itself with the wider aspects of human resource management derived from the application of psychology theory and practice. The aim is to promote a dialogue between theory and practice, and to disseminate high quality quantitative and qualitative research to student and practitioners of management, psychology and allied fields.
JOURNAL OF MARKETING (ISSN: 0022-2429)3,938Two AMA objectives have a direct bearing on the publication policies of JM: (1) to lead in the development, dissemination, and implementation of marketing concepts, practice, and information and (2) to probe and promote the use of marketing concepts by business, not-for-profit, and other institutions for the betterment of society. The editorial objectives of JM are (1) to advance the science and practice of marketing (to make a difference by adding to what we know about marketing phenomena and changing how we study and practice marketing) and (2) to serve as a bridge between the scholarly and the practical, each of which has a vital stake in what's happening on the other side.
JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH (ISSN: 0022-2437)2,256Journal of Marketing Research concentrates on the subject of marketing research, from its philosophy, concepts, and theories to its methods, techniques, and applications. This bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal is published for technically oriented research analysts, educators, and statisticians.
JOURNAL OF MATERIAL CULTURE (ISSN: 1359-1835)0,61JMC is concerned with the relationship between artefacts and social relations irrespective of time and place and aims to systematically explore the linkage between the construction of social identities and the production and use of culture.
JOURNAL OF MEDIA ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0899-7764)0,417The Journal of Media Economics publishes original research on the economics and policy of mediated communication, focusing on firms, markets, and institutions. Reflecting the increasing diversity of analytical approaches employed in economics and recognizing that policies promoting social and political objectives may have significant economic impacts on media, the Journal encourages submissions reflecting the insights of diverse disciplinary perspectives and research methodologies, both empirical and theoretical.
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (ISSN: 0963-1798)1,667The Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology aims to increase understanding of people and organisations at work including: industrial, organizational, work, vocational and personnel psychology, behavioural and cognitive aspects of industrial relations, ergonomics and human factors, industrial sociology. Innovative or interdisciplinary approaches with a psychological emphasis are particularly welcome. So are papers which develop the links between occupational/organisational psychology and other areas of the discipline, such as social and cognitive psychology.
Journal of Operations Management (ISSN: 0272-6963)3,818General topics covered by the journal, while not exclusive, include the following: Operations processes in manufacturing and service organizations; Upstream supply management; Downstream demand management; Operations strategy and policy; Product and service design and development; Manufacturing and service systems design; Technology management for operations; Multi-site operations management; Capacity planning and analysis; Operations planning, scheduling and control; Project management; Human resource management for operations; Work design, measurement and improvement; Performance measurement and productivity; Quality management; Purchasing/sourcing management; Materials and inventory management; Logistics, transportation, distribution, and materials handling; International and comparative operations; Operations and information management; Sustainable supply chain operations; Humanitarian/disaster relief operations; Regulatory and environmental issues in operations
JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR (ISSN: 0894-3796)3,038The Journal of Organizational Behavior aims to publish empirical reports and theoretical reviews of research in the field of organizational behavior, wherever in the world that work is conducted. The journal will focus on research and theory in all topics associated with organizational behavior within and across individual, group and organizational levels of analysis, including: ? At the individual level: personality, perception, beliefs, attitudes, values, motivation, career behavior, stress, emotions, judgment, and commitment. ? At the group level: size, composition, structure, leadership, power, group affect, and politics. ? At the organizational level: structure, change, goal-setting, creativity, and human resource management policies and practices. ? Across levels: decision-making, performance, job satisfaction, turnover and absenteeism, diversity, careers and career development, equal opportunities, work-life balance, identification, organizational culture and climate, inter-organizational processes, and multi-national and cross-national issues. ? Research methodologies in studies of organizational behavior.
Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (ISSN: 0160-8061)0,486 The journal focuses on specific topics such as: Applied Behavior Analysis Concepts and Principles, Performance Management, Behavioral Systems Analysis, Performance Measurement and Evidence-Based Management, Goal Setting, Feeback, and Incentive Programs, Performance Based Instruction, Contingency Assessment, Human Resource issues (absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover), Operational issues (shrink, productivity, and quality)
JOURNAL OF POLICY ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT (ISSN: 0276-8739)2,237policy analysis,public management,economists,public managers,policy research,program evaluation,policymaking,public management reform
JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY (ISSN: 0022-3808)3,593One of the oldest and most prestigious journals in economics, the Journal of Political Economy has since 1892 presented significant research and scholarship in economic theory and practice. The journal aims to publish highly selective, widely cited articles of current relevance that will have a long-term impact on economics research. JPE's analytical, interpretive, and empirical studies in a number of areas?including monetary theory, fiscal policy, labor economics, development, micro- and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, industrial organization, and social economics?are essential reading for all economists wishing to keep up with substantive new research in the discipline
JOURNAL OF POPULAR CULTURE (ISSN: 0022-3840)0,048Keywords: journal, popular, culture, association, arts, architecture, society, literature, media, American, studies, art, pca, aca, asa, scientific, film, music, landscape, dance, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, conceptual, crafts, article, reviews, book
Journal of Positive Psychology (ISSN: 1743-9760)1,911Positive psychology is about scientifically informed perspectives on what makes life worth living, focussing on aspects of the human condition that lead to happiness, fulfillment, and flourishing. The Journal of Positive Psychology provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for the science and application of positive psychology.
JOURNAL OF PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSIS (ISSN: 0895-562X)0,819The broad scope of the journal encompasses productivity-related developments spanning the disciplines of economics, the management sciences, operations research, and business and public administration. Topics covered in the journal include, but are not limited to, productivity theory, organizational design, index number theory, and related foundations of productivity analysis. The journal also publishes research on computational methods that are employed in productivity analysis, including econometric and mathematical programming techniques, and empirical research based on data at all levels of aggregation, ranging from aggregate macroeconomic data to disaggregate microeconomic data. The empirical research illustrates the application of theory and techniques to the measurement of productivity, and develops implications for the design of managerial strategies and public policy to enhance productivity.
JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0047-2727)1,581The aim of the Journal of Public Economics is to encourage original scientific contributions on the problems of public economics, with particular emphasis on the application of modern economic theory and methods of quantitative analysis. It provides a forum for discussion of public policy of interest to an international readership.
JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY & MARKETING (ISSN: 0743-9156)1,242Each issue features a wide-ranging forum for the research, findings, and discussion of marketing topics related to business and government, including, but not limited to, issues on innovation, economic development, globalization, ecology, safety and security, nutrition and health, consumer vulnerability and protection, ethics and social responsibility, regulation and deregulation, antitrust, privacy, and intellectual property.
Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management (ISSN: 1478-4092)2,333Key topics include: Purchasing and supply in a strategic context, Organisational buying behaviour, Make-or-buy/outsourcing strategy, Global/international sourcing, Supplier relationships, Tendering and contracting, Costing and pricing, Negotiation, Purchasing and supply organisation, Information management and information & communication technology (ICT), Social, ethical and environmental supply issues, Supply chain management, Public procurement.
JOURNAL OF RETAILING (ISSN: 0022-4359)1,754The Journal of Retailing is devoted to advancing the state of knowledge and its application with respect to all aspects of retailing, its management, evolution, and current theory. The field of retailing includes both products and services, the supply chains and distribution channels that serve retailers, the relationships between retailers and members of the supply channel, and all forms of direct marketing and emerging electric markets to households. Articles may take an economic or behavior approach, but all reflect rigorous analysis and a depth of knowledge of relevant theory and existing literature. Empirical work is based upon the scientific method, modern sampling procedures and statistical analysis.
Journal of Service Management (ISSN: 1757-5818)2The service encounter, the servicescape and service experiences, Service quality, moments-of-truth and word-of-mouth , The concept service and the service logic Value creation through services and service competition, Complaints management, service recovery and service guarantees, Customer involvement and customer focus in service organizations, Customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability, Customer engagement, customer communities, New service development and service design, Service innovation, co-innovation and social media, Technology in services and self-service technology, Service productivity and the customer-firm relationship, Service culture, employee empowerment and engagement, Service strategy and service excellence, Dynamics in service relationships and networks , Service management and service leadership, Service operations management , Human resources management and internal orientation, Service networks and service outsourcing, Services in manufacturing companies.
Journal of Service Research (ISSN: 1094-6705)2,484The mission of the Journal of Service Research is to be the leading outlet for the most advanced research in service marketing, service operations, service human resources and organizational design, service information systems, customer satisfaction and service quality, electronic commerce, and the economics of service. The journal is constructed to be international in scope, in keeping with the increase globalization of business; multidisciplinary, in keeping with how the best management is done; and relevant to the business world in a majority of its articles.
Journal of Services Marketing (ISSN: 0887-6045)0,989Published articles address a range of services-related issues of interest to marketing scholars and relevant to marketing professionals who represent a broad range of service industries. JSM articles are conceptually rich, empirically rigorous and each contain a section that highlights implications for practice.
Journal of Small Business Management (ISSN: 0047-2778)1,353The primary purpose of the Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM) is to publish scholarly research articles in the fields of small business management and entrepreneurship. As the official journal of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), the JSBM is recognized as a primary instrument for projecting and supporting the goals and objectives of this organization, which include scholarly research and the free exchange of ideas. The Journal, which is circulated in 60 countries around the world, is a leader in the field of small business research.
Journal of Social Issues (ISSN: 0022-4537)1,529The Journal of Social Issues (JSI) brings behavioral and social science theory, empirical evidence, and practice to bear on human and social problems.  Each issue of the journal focuses on a single topic - recent issues, for example, have addressed poverty, housing and health; privacy as a social and psychological concern; youth and violence; and the impact of social class on education.
Journal of Socio-Economics (ISSN: 1053-5357)0,505Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (formerly the Journal of Socio-Economics) welcomes submissions that deal with various economic topics but also involve issues that are related to other social sciences, especially psychology, or use experimental methods of inquiry. Thus, contributions in behavioral economics, experimental economics, economic psychology, and judgment and decision making are especially welcome. The journal is open to different research methodologies, as long as they are relevant to the topic and employed rigorously. Possible methodologies include, for example, experiments, surveys, empirical work, theoretical models, meta-analyses, case studies, and simulation-based analyses.
Journal of Sociology (ISSN: 1440-7833)0,78Journal of Sociology is the official journal of The Australian Sociological Association. It carries peer refereed articles of sociological research and theory on issues of interest to Australian sociology and aims to promote dialogue and exchange between Australian sociologists and the international community of sociology.
Journal of Sport Management (ISSN: 0888-4773)0,718JSM brings you thought-provoking editorials, research articles, and reviews that examine a number of areas as they relate to the management, governance, and consumption of sport, such as: organizational theory, behavior, and strategy; sport operations; law and policy; economics, finance, and accounting; marketing, consumer behavior, sponsorship, advertising, and licensing; media, communications, and public relations; sport tourism; facility and event management; and gender and diversity.
Journal of Sports Economics (ISSN: 1527-0025)0,578Journal of Sports Economics publishes scholarly research in the field of sports economics. The aim of the journal is to further research in the area of sports economics by bringing together theoretical and empirical research in a single intellectual venue. Relevant topics include: labor market research; labor-management relations; collective bargaining; wage determination; local public finance; and other fields related to the economics of sports. Published quarterly, the Journal of Sports Economics is unique in that it is the only journal devoted specifically to this rapidly growing field.
Journal of Supply Chain Management (ISSN: 1523-2409)3,857An article published in the Journal of Supply Chain Management must make a strong contribution to supply chain management theory. This contribution can occur through an inductive, theory-building process or a deductive, theory-testing approach, both of which may occur in a variety of ways (for example, falsification of conventional understanding, theory-building through conceptual development or inductive or qualitative research, initial empirical testing of a theory, theoretically based meta analysis or constructive replication that clarifies the boundaries or range of a theory). Manuscripts should explicitly convey the theoretical contribution relative to the existing supply chain management literature and, where appropriate, the existing literature outside of supply chain management (for example, management theory, psychology, economics).
Journal of Technology Transfer (ISSN: 0892-9912)1,181The Journal of Technology Transfer provides an international forum for the exchange of ideas that inform and enhance the practice of technology transfer. The Journal of Technology Transfer is particularly interested in articles that focus on management practices and strategies toward technology transfer, as well as on the external environment that affects these practices and strategies including public policy developments, regulatory and legal issues, and global trends. The journal welcomes alternative modes of presentation ranging from case studies of successful and unsuccessful activities to comparative analyses. Suggestions for symposium issues are encouraged.
JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE (ISSN: 0092-0703)3,818The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) is devoted to the study and improvement of marketing and serves as a vital link between scholarly research and practice by publishing research-based articles in the substantive domain of marketing. Manuscripts submitted for publication consideration in JAMS are judged on the basis of their potential contribution to the advancement of the science and/or practice of marketing. In order for a manuscript to be published in JAMS it must, at the minimum, meet the following criteria: Focus on a substantive issue in the domain of marketing, Offer fundamentally new insights that advance the field, Be literature-based and scholarly, Demonstrate conceptual rigor, Provide evidence of methodological rigor, if an empirical piece.
Journal of the European Economic Association (ISSN: 1542-4766)3,333The Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA) has a worldwide reputation for publishing articles of the highest scientific quality in theoretical and empirical economics for a global audience. In order to submit a paper to the Journal of the European Economic Association you must be a member of the European Economic Association. The yearly membership fee gives you full online access to JEEA.
JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT ECONOMICS AND POLICY (ISSN: 0022-5258)1,182The Journal of Transport, Economics and Policy (JTEP) was first published over 40 years ago and quickly established itself as an essential source of information and debate on the economics of transport and its interface with transport policy. Today it continues to provide a much-needed focus for this specific area of transport research ? a single, accessible resource of international articles which also reflect the diverse nature of the current field.
Journal of Transport Geography (ISSN: 0966-6923)2,65 The aim is to bring together contributions from the major strands of current transport geography research: Transport policy practice and analysis, especially the impacts of deregulation, privatization and subsidy control, Infrastructure impact on trip making, the spatial economy and regional development, Technological innovation in transport and telecommunications and global and regional economic integration, The growing mobility gap between rich and poor and differential accessibility to jobs and services, Transport, environment and energy, Travel, recreation and tourism, Spatial and behavioural aspects of modelling transport demand, Methodological developments, The role and utility of Geographical Information Systems in transport research.
JOURNAL OF VISUAL CULTURE (ISSN: 1470-4129)0,154The Journal of Visual Culture offers astute, informative and dynamic thought on the visual. The journal publishes work from a range of methodological positions, on various historical moments and across diverse geographical locations. It is the leading interdisciplinary forum for visual culture studies scholars in film, media and television studies; art, design, fashion and architecture history; cultural studies and critical theory; philosophy and aesthetics; and across the social sciences.
Knowledge Management Research & Practice (ISSN: 1477-8238)0,554KMRP provides an outlet for high quality, peer reviewed articles on all aspects of managing knowledge, organisational learning, intellectual capital and knowledge economics. This includes not just those focused on the organisational level, but all levels from that of the individual to that of the nation or profession.
Kyklos (ISSN: 0023-5962)1,259KYKLOS views economics as a social science and as such favours contributions dealing with issues relevant to contemporary society, as well as economic policy applications. Since its inception over 60 years ago, KYKLOS has earned a worldwide reputation for publishing a broad range of articles from international scholars on real world issues. KYKLOS encourages unorthodox, original approaches to topical economic and social issues with a multinational application, and promises to give fresh insights into topics of worldwide interest. Keywords: kyklos, economics, social, science, application, policy, political, economy, international, academic, administration, business, management, finance, markets, monetary, trade, exchange, derivatives, journal, research, analysis, theory
Labour Economics (ISSN: 0927-5371)0,916Labour Economics is devoted to publishing research in the field of labour economics both on the microeconomic and on the macroeconomic level, in a balanced mix of theory, empirical testing and policy applications. It gives due recognition to analysis and explanation of institutional arrangements of national labour markets and the impact of these institutions on labour market outcomes.
Leadership (ISSN: 1742-7150)0,66Leadership publishes the highest quality original research on leadership. Leadership is designed to provide an ongoing forum for academic researchers to exchange information, insights and knowledge on both theoretical development and empirical research on leadership. It publishes original, high quality articles that contribute to the advancement of the study of leadership. The journal is global in orientation and focus.
Leadership & Organization Development Journal (ISSN: 0143-7739)0,362Public and private sector organizations alike face ongoing pressure to streamline activities, improve efficiency and achieve demanding organizational objectives. In this context, the ability of senior managers to understand the culture and dynamics of organizations and to deliver strong leadership during periods of change, could be the difference between organizational failure and success.
LONG RANGE PLANNING (ISSN: 0024-6301)2,718Long Range Planning (LRP) is a leading international journal for the field of strategic management. The journal has forged a strong reputation for publishing original research since 1968. We encourage submission of articles that involve empirical research and theoretical articles, including studies that review and assess the current state of knowledge in important areas of strategy.
M&SOM-Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (ISSN: 1523-4614)1,462Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM) is the premier journal for the operations management research community. This quarterly journal publishes a wide range of research that focuses on the production and operations management of goods and services including technology management, productivity and quality management, product development, cross-functional coordination, and practice-based research.
Management Accounting Research (ISSN: 1044-5005)2,125Management Accounting Research aims to serve as a vehicle for publishing original research in the field of management accounting. Its contributions include case studies, field work, and other empirical research, analytical modelling, scholarly papers, distinguished review articles, comments, and notes. It provides an international forum for the dissemination of research, with papers written by prestigious international authors discussing and analysing management accounting in many different parts of the world.
Management and Organization Review (ISSN: 1740-8776)2,442Management and Organization Review (MOR) aims to be the premier journal for advancing our knowledge of management and organizations in China and other emerging economies. It is a multidisciplinary journal rooted in the behavioral and social sciences underlying management research, broadly defined. MOR seeks to publish research from diverse social science disciplines such as organization behavior, organization theory, strategic management, economics, economic geography, innovation theories, anthropology, political science, political, cross-cultural, and social psychology, international business, sociology, cognitive science, and institutional theory.
Management Communication Quarterly (ISSN: 0893-3189)2,085Management Communication Quarterly (MCQ), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is an essential resource for scholars of organizational and managerial practice and offers valuable and timely insights for professionals, consultants, and trainers. MCQ publishes conceptually rigorous, empirically-driven, and practice-relevant research from across the organizational and management communication fields and has strong appeal across all disciplines concerned with organizational studies and the management sciences.
Management International Review (ISSN: 0938-8249)1,118Management International Review publishes research-based articles that reflect significant advances in the key areas of International Management. Its target audience consists of scholars in International Business Administration.
Management Learning (ISSN: 1350-5076)1,208Management Learning is a fully peer-reviewed international quarterly journal that publishes original research and review articles on learning and knowing in management and organizations. Management Learning addresses fundamental issues in management and organizational learning and to advance theory and practice through publication of creative enquiry. The Journal is: inclusive, innovative, international and integrative.
Management Science (ISSN: 0025-1909)2,482Management Science is a scholarly journal that publishes scientific research on the practice of management. Within our scope are all aspects of management related to strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, information technology, and organizations as well as all functional areas of business, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and operations. We include studies on organizational, managerial, and individual decision making, from both normative and descriptive perspectives.
Managing Service Quality (ISSN: 0960-4529)1,054The journal aims to publish research in the field of service management that not only makes a theoretical contribution to the service literature, but also appeals to practitioners. Recognizing the importance of the service sector all over the globe, the journal encourages submissions from around the world. MSQ gives prominence to research based on real world data, be it quantitative or qualitative. The journal also welcomes the submission of conceptual papers that make a substantive theoretical and/or methodological contribution to the scholarly literature in service management.
MARKETING LETTERS (ISSN: 0923-0645)1,059The focus of Marketing Letters is on empirical findings, methodological papers, and theoretical and conceptual insights across areas of research in marketing. Marketing Letters is required reading for anyone working in marketing science, consumer research, methodology, and marketing strategy and management.
MARKETING SCIENCE (ISSN: 0732-2399)1,86Topics covered in Marketing Science include: Advertising Buyer Behavior Channels Competitive Strategy Forecasting Marketing Research New Product Development Pricing and Promotions Sales Force Management Segmentation Services Marketing Targetability
Marketing Theory (ISSN: 1470-5931)1,531Marketing Theory is a fully peer reviewed specialised academic medium and main reference for the development and dissemination of alternative and critical perspectives on marketing theory. Marketing Theory publishes articles covering any aspect of theory, including strategy, consumer behaviour, new product development and more.
Mass Communication and Society (ISSN: 1520-5436)0,753Mass Communication and Society’s mission is to publish articles from a wide variety of perspectives and approaches that advance mass communication theory, especially at the societal or macrosocial level. It draws heavily from many other disciplines, including sociology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, law, and history. Methodologically, journal articles employ qualitative and quantitative methods, survey research, ethnography, laboratory experiments, historical methods, and legal analysis.
MATHEMATICAL SOCIAL SCIENCES (ISSN: 0165-4896)0,462The journal emphasizes the unity of mathematical modelling in economics, psychology, political sciences, sociology and other social sciences.
Media, Culture and Society (ISSN: 0163-4437)0,77Media, Culture & Society provides a major peer-reviewed, international forum for research and discussion on the media, including the newer information and communication technologies, within their political, economic, cultural and historical contexts. It engages with a wide range of issues in cultural and social analysis. It champions research on substantive topics and critique and innovation in theory and method.
Metroeconomica (ISSN: 0026-1386)0,984economics, analytical, social, analysis, economic, institutions, technical, changes, income, distribution, welfare, state, monetary, union, European, monopoly, journal, research, analysis, periodical, reviews, book
Motivation and Emotion (ISSN: 0146-7239)1,744Motivation and Emotion publishes articles on human motivational and emotional phenomena that make theoretical advances by linking empirical findings to underlying processes. Submissions should focus on key problems in motivation and emotion, and, if using non-human participants, should contribute to theories concerning human behavior.  Articles should be explanatory rather than merely descriptive, providing the data necessary to understand the origins of motivation and emotion, to explicate why, how, and under what conditions motivational and emotional states change, and to document that these processes are important to human functioning.
Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (ISSN: 1750-4708)0,25Negotiation, conflict, research, management, organization, environmental, interpersonal, political, crisis, cross-cultural, intervention, mediation, arbitration, behavior, resolution
Negotiation Journal (ISSN: 0748-4526)0,4Negotiation, journal, program, on, harvard, school, law, resolution, conflict, dispute, resolving, lawyer, law, mediator, mediate, judicial, jurisdiction, legislation, government, parliament, public, policy, sentencing, research, theory, periodical, reviews, book
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly (ISSN: 0899-7640)1,491Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly (NVSQ), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, is an international, interdisciplinary journal for nonprofit sector research dedicated to enhancing our knowledge of nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and voluntarism by providing cutting-edge research, discussion, and analysis of the field. NVSQprovides a forum for researchers from around the world to publish timely articles from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
Nonprofit Management & Leadership (ISSN: 1048-6682)0,529Nonprofit Management and Leadership (NML) is the first journal to bring together the best thinking and most advanced knowledge about the special needs, challenges, and opportunities of nonprofit organizations. Each issue of NML offers readers the authoritative insights of top executives and scholars on the common concerns of nonprofit leaders in all settings, including social services, the arts, education, foundations, community development, advocacy work, religion, professional associations, and others.
North American Journal of Economics and Finance (ISSN: 1062-9408)The North-American Journal of Economics and Finance publishes high quality original manuscripts in financial economics. Areas of interest include, but not limited to financial intermediation and capital markets, law and finance, asset pricing, global and regional integration of financial markets, capital and security markets, corporate governance, information and security markets, behavioral finance, corporate financial policy and financial econometrics.
Omega - The International Journal of Management Science (ISSN: 0305-0483)4,376Omega reports on developments in management, including the latest research results and applications. Original contributions and review articles describe the state of the art in specific fields or functions of management, while there are shorter critical assessments of particular management techniques. Other features of the journal are the "Memoranda" section for short communications and "Feedback", a correspondence column. Omega is both stimulating reading and an important source for practising managers, specialists in management services, operational research workers and management scientists, management consultants, academics, students and research personnel throughout the world.
Operations Management Research (ISSN: 1936-9735)0,737Operations Management Research: Advancing Practice through Theory publishes short, focused research studies that advance the theory and practice of operations management. OMR is a rigorous, double-blind peer-reviewed journal that is oriented toward fast reviews and publication of high-quality research that makes a clear contribution to the science and practice of operations management in today?s global institutions.
Organization (ISSN: 1350-5084)1,809In addition to established themes of continued significance to the development of the field, topics and themes addressed by Organization include: issues of gender, race and ethnicity in organizations, globalization and its discourses, organization and disorganization, consumption and organization, organizational space and time, organizational identities, organizational imagery in organizations, ecology and organization, moralities of organization, power/knowledge and managerial discourses, law and organization, organization and cultural studies.
Organization & Environment (ISSN: 1086-0266)Organization & Environment (OAE), recognized as a leading international journal unique in its emphasis on the connection between the management of organizations and the multiple dimensions of the general environment, publishes quarterly peer-reviewed research that sets new and relevant standards for rigorous thinking about the complex and relevant dimensions of sustainability - including an appropriate balance between and among social, natural and economic challenges-, corporate social responsibility, ethics, and responsible corporate governance and business strategy.
Organization Science (ISSN: 1047-7039)3,775Organization Science is widely recognized as one of the top journals in the fields of strategy, management, and organization theory. The journal publishes groundbreaking research about organizations, including their processes, structures, technologies, identities, capabilities, forms, and performance. Topics covered in Organization Science include the following: Artificial Intelligence, Communication Theory, Economics, History, Information Science, Organization Theory
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processe (ISSN: 0749-5978)2,201Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes publishes fundamental research in organizational behavior, organizational psychology, and human cognition, judgment, and decision-making. The journal features articles that present original empirical research, theory development, meta-analysis, and methodological advancements relevant to the substantive domains served by the journal. Topics covered by the journal include perception, cognition, judgment, attitudes, emotion, well-being, motivation, choice, and performance. We are interested in articles that investigate these topics as they pertain to individuals, dyads, groups, and other social collectives.
ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS (ISSN: 0090-2616)0,789Organizational Dynamics' domain is primarily organizational behavior and development and secondarily, HRM and strategic management. The objective is to link leading-edge thought and research with management practice. Organizational Dynamics publishes articles that embody both theoretical and practical content, showing how research findings can help deal more effectively with the dynamics of organizational life.
Organizational Research Methods (ISSN: 1094-4281)4,148 Organizational Research Methods (ORM), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, brings relevant methodological developments to a wide range of researchers in organizational and management studies and promotes a more effective understanding of current and new methodologies and their application in organizational settings. ORM has positioned itself among elite scholarly journals, known for high-quality manuscripts from the qualitative and quantitative domains, micro and macro perspectives.
OXFORD BULLETIN OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS (ISSN: 0305-9049)1,368economics, statistics, bulletin, Oxford, private, public, sector, applied, policy, economic, econometrics, probability, macroeconomics, microeconomics, investment, derivatives, interest, rates, journal, research, analysis, reviews, book
OXFORD ECONOMIC PAPERS-NEW SERIES (ISSN: 0030-7653)0,846Oxford Economic Papers is a general economics journal, publishing refereed papers in economic theory, applied economics, econometrics, economic development, economic history, and the history of economic thought.
PERSONNEL PSYCHOLOGY (ISSN: 0031-5826)4,49Personnel Psychology publishes psychological research centered around people at work. Articles span the full range of human resource management and organizational behavior topics, including job analysis, selection and recruiting, training and development, performance appraisal and feedback, compensation and rewards, careers, strategic human resource management, work design, global and cross-cultural issues, organizational climate, work attitudes and behaviors, motivation, teams, and leadership. Research conducted at multiple levels of analysis, including individual, team, and organizational levels, are welcome. Published articles include original empirical research, theory development, meta-analytic reviews, and narrative literature reviews.
Personnel Review (ISSN: 0048-3486)0,921Employee relations, Industrial relations, Labour markets, Management development, Recruitment and retention, Strategic human resource management, Training and development
Politicka ekonomie (ISSN: 0032-3233)0,65Uveřejňuje statě a analytické studie českých i zahraničních autorů v českém a slovenském jazyce, zaměřené na rozvíjení ekonomické teorie, hospodářské politiky, ekonometrie, na systémové komparace a modelování ekonomických procesů, a přináší rovněž informace o aktuálních problémech přechodu a fungování tržní ekonomiky, o mezinárodním vědeckém životě a o nové ekonomické literatuře.
Portuguese Economic Journal (ISSN: 1617-982X)0,1Portuguese Economic Journal aims to publish high quality theoretical, empirical, applied or policy-oriented research papers on any field in economics. We will inforce a rigorous, fair and prompt refereeing process. The geographical reference in the name of the journal only means that the journal is an initiative of Portuguese scholars. There will be no bias in favor of particular themes and issues.
POST-COMMUNIST ECONOMIES (ISSN: 1463-1377)0,492 Post-Communist Economies publishes key research and policy articles in the analysis of post-communist economies. The basic transformation in the past two decades through stabilisation, liberalisation and privatisation has been completed in virtually all of the former communist countries, but despite the dramatic changes that have taken place, the post-communist economies still form a clearly identifiable group, distinguished by the impact of the years of communist rule. Post-communist economies still present distinctive problems that make them a particular focus of research. These countries? economies need further stabilisation, liberalisation and privatisation and have fundamental problems of low efficiency, productivity and income. All still have some distance to go to match the long-established market economies and more attention needs to be devoted to the microeconomic aspects of the post-communist countries?efforts to catch up with the much richer countries of the European Union.
Prague Economic Papers (ISSN: 1210-0455)0,5Prague Economic Papers is a representative scientific quarterly dealing with economic theory, modelling and analyses, problems of economic and social development of the Czech Republic and other economies. It presents information about scientific life and new relevant economic literature published in the Czech Republic and in other countries.
Professional Psychology: Research and Practice (ISSN: 0735-7028)1,398Professional Psychology: Research and Practice ® publishes articles on the application of psychology, including the scientific underpinnings of the profession of psychology.
Project Management Journal (ISSN: 8756-9728)1,143Project Management Journal is the academic and research journal of the Project Management Institute and features state-of-the-art research, techniques, theories, and applications in project management. The Project Management Journal's mission is to address the broad interests of the project management profession and maintain an editorial balance of content about research, technique, theory, and practice.
Psychological Inquiry (ISSN: 1047-840X)6,25Manuscripts for the target articles can be invited or submitted and should present new, broad, provocative theories, primarily in the areas of personality and social psychology.  We discourage submission of purely empirical, applied, or review articles. 
Psychological Research (ISSN: 0340-0727)2,863The journal Psychological Research publishes articles that contribute to a basic understanding of human perception, attention, memory and action. It is devoted to the dissemination of knowledge based on firm experimental ground, independent of any particular approach or school of thought. 
PSYCHOLOGY & MARKETING (ISSN: 0742-6046)1,08Psychology & Marketing (P&M) publishes original research and review articles dealing with the application of psychological theories and techniques to marketing. As an interdisciplinary journal, P&M serves practitioners and academicians in the fields of psychology and marketing and is an appropriate outlet for articles designed to be of interest, concern, and applied value to its audience of scholars and professionals. Manuscripts that use psychological theory to better understand the various aspects of the marketing of products and services are appropriate for submission. P&M fosters the exploration of marketing phenomena spanning the entire spectrum of offerings (products & services), price, promotion (advertising, publicity, public relations, and personal selling), place (channels and distribution), and politics (public opinion, law, and ethics), all revolving around the individual and collective psyche of consumers. Manuscripts may be conceptual or empirical in nature, and feature quantitative and/or qualitative analysis. Manuscripts may deal with business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and not-for-profit business and organizational issues.
PUBLIC CULTURE (ISSN: 0899-2363)1,475Public Culture is a reviewed interdisciplinary journal of cultural studies, published three times a year in fall, winter, and spring for the Institute for Public Knowledge by Duke University Press. In the more than twenty years of its existence, Public Culture has established itself as a prize-winning, field-defining cultural studies journal. Public Culture seeks a critical understanding of the global cultural flows and the cultural forms of the public sphere that define the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. As such, the journal provides a forum for the discussion of the places and occasions where cultural, social, and political differences emerge as public phenomena, manifested in everything from highly particular and localized events in popular or folk culture to global advertising, consumption, and information networks.
Public Management Review (ISSN: 1471-9037)1,027This journal is uniquely placed to offer a leading light on the rapidly developing interest in public management across the world, and especially in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim. It covers such key issues as: social policy making and implementation in the plural state, inter-sectoral (government non-profit-for profit) relationships, the evaluation and critique of the ?new public management? paradigm, governance institutions and processes, globalization and convergence in public management, state reform and structural adjustment, and the operational/ strategic management of public service organisations, including such issues as contracting, marketing and strategic management.
PUBLIC RELATIONS REVIEW (ISSN: 0363-8111)0,656The Review publishes invited research in brief, and book reviews in the fields of public relations, mass communications, organizational communications, public opinion formations, social science research and evaluation, marketing, management and public policy formation.
QME-Quantitative Marketing and Economics (ISSN: 1570-7156)0,967Quantitative Marketing and Economics (QME) publishes research in the intersection of Marketing, Economics and Statistics. Our focus is on important applied problems of relevance to marketing using a quantitative approach. We define marketing broadly as the study of the interface between firms, competitors and consumers. This includes but is not limited to consumer preferences, consumer demand and decision-making, strategic interaction of firms, pricing, promotion, targeting, product design/positioning, and channel issues. We embrace a wide variety of research methods including applied economic theory, econometrics and statistical methods. Empirical research using primary, secondary or experimental data is also encouraged.
QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0033-5533)6,654The Quarterly Journal of Economics is the oldest professional journal of economics in the English language. Edited at Harvard University' Department of Economics, it covers all aspects of the field? from the journal's traditional emphasis on microtheory, to both empirical and theoretical macroeconomics. QJE is invaluable to professional and academic economists and students around the world
R & D MANAGEMENT (ISSN: 0033-6807)0,848R & D Management publishes articles which address the interests of both practising managers and academic researchers in R & D and innovation management. Covering the full range of topics in research, development, design and innovation, and related strategic and human resource issues - from exploratory science to commercial exploitation - articles also examine social, economic and environmental implications.
RAND JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0741-6261)1,312The purpose of the RAND Journal of Economics, formerly the Bell Journal of Economics, is to support and encourage research in the behavior of regulated industries, the economic analysis of organizations, and more generally, applied microeconomics. Both theoretical and empirical manuscripts in economics and law are encouraged
Research in Organizational Behavior (ISSN: 0191-3085)1,562Research in Organizational Behavior publishes commissioned papers only, spanning several levels of analysis, and ranging from studies of individuals to groups to organizations and their environments. The topics encompassed are likewise diverse, covering issues from individual emotion and cognition to social movements and networks. Cutting across this diversity, however, is a rather consistent quality of presentation. Being both thorough and thoughtful, Research in Organizational Behavior's commissioned pieces provide substantial contributions to research on organizations. Many have received rewards for their level of scholarship and many have become classics in the field of organizational research.
Research Policy (ISSN: 0048-7333)3,117Research Policy (RP) is a multi-disciplinary journal devoted to analyzing, understanding and effectively responding to the economic, policy, management, organizational, environmental and other challenges posed by innovation, technology, R&D and science. This includes a number of related activities concerned with the creation of knowledge (through research), the diffusion and acquisition of knowledge (e.g. through organizational learning), and its exploitation in the form of new or improved products, processes or services.
REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES (ISSN: 0034-6527)4,038Studies aims to encourage research in theoretical and applied economics, especially by young economists. Today it is widely recognised as one of the core top-five economics journals. The Review is essential reading for economists and has a reputation for publishing path-breaking papers in theoretical and applied economics. The Review is committed to continuing to publish strong papers in all areas of economics.
REVIEW OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS (ISSN: 0034-6535)2,749The Review of Economics and Statistics is a general journal of applied (especially quantitative) economics. Edited at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, The Review has published some of the most important articles in empirical economics. From time to time, The Review also publishes collections of papers or symposia devoted to a single topic of methodological or empirical interest.
Review of Economics of the Household (ISSN: 1569-5239)0,982The Review of Economics of the Household publishes empirical and theoretical research on the economic behavior and decision-making processes of single and multi-person households. Household decisions analyzed in this journal include: Consumption, labor supply and other uses of time, household formation and dissolution, demand for health and other forms of human capital, fertility and investment in children?s human capital, demand for environmental and other public goods, migration, demand for religiosity, and, decisions by agricultural households.
Review of Finance (ISSN: 1572-3097)2,012The Review of Finance, the official journal of the European Finance Association, aims at a wide circulation and visibility in the finance profession. The journal publishes high-quality papers in all areas of financial economics, both established and newly developing fields: Asset pricing, Corporate finance, Banking and market microstructure, Law and finance, Behavioral finance, Experimental finance
REVIEW OF FINANCIAL STUDIES (ISSN: 0893-9454)3,174The Review of Financial Studies is a major forum for the promotion and wide dissemination of significant new research in financial economics. As reflected by its broadly based editorial board, The Review balances theoretical and empirical contributions. The primary criteria for publishing a paper are its quality and importance to the field of finance, without undue regard to its technical difficulty. Finance is interpreted broadly to include the interface between finance and economics. The Review is sponsored by The Society for Financial Studies. The editors of The Review and officers of the Society are elected for limited terms.
REVIEW OF INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION (ISSN: 0889-938X)0,586The Review of Industrial Organization publishes research papers on all aspects of industrial organization, broadly defined. A main focus is on competition and monopoly, in their many forms and processes and their effects on efficiency, innovation, and social conditions. Topics may range from the internal organization of enterprises to wide international comparisons. The Review is also increasing its interest in papers on public policies such as antitrust, regulation, deregulation, public enterprise, and privatization. Papers may deal with any economic sectors and any developed economies.
Review of International Economics (ISSN: 0965-7576)0,596Trade theory, commercial policy, factor movements, multinational firms, economic integration, exchange rates, trade and finance problems of developing countries, agricultural trade, open economy macro issues, WTO negotiations, adjustment problems of transition economies
Review of International Organization (ISSN: 1559-7431)1,714The Review of International Organizations publishes original scientific contributions that analyze operations and policies of agencies such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the Bank for International Settlements, the Group of 7, the World Bank, NATO, the World Health Organization, the European Court of Human Rights, the UN, and similar institutions. Its focus is not limited to governmental organizations, but covers (international) non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also.
Review of International Political Economy (ISSN: 0969-2290)1,875The journal encourages a global and interdisciplinary approach across issues and fields of inquiry. It seeks to act as a point of convergence for political economists, international relations scholars, geographers, and sociologists, and is committed to the publication of work that explores such issues as international trade and finance, production and consumption, and global governance and regulation, in conjunction with issues of culture, identity, gender, and ecology.
Review of Managerial Science (ISSN: 1863-6683)0,857Review of Managerial Science (RMS) provides a forum for innovative research from all scientific areas of business administration. The journal publishes original research of high quality and is open to various methodological approaches (analytical modeling, empirical research, experimental work, methodological reasoning etc.). The scope of RMS encompasses ? but is not limited to ? accounting, auditing, banking, business strategy, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, financial structure and capital markets, health economics, human resources management, information systems, innovation management, insurance, marketing, organization, production and logistics, risk management and taxation.
Review of Network Economics (ISSN: 2194-5993)0,447The Review of Network Economics seeks to help policy makers, academics, and practitioners keep informed of new research and policy debate in network economics and related subjects that are relevant to the study of network industries.
SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS (ISSN: 0347-0520)0,743Economics, Scandinavian, journal, economic, theory, policy, finance, banking, monetary, markets, structure, institutions, regulation, asset, risk, assessment, analysis, derivatives, exchange, international, corporate, finance, government, industrial.
Scandinavian Journal of Management (ISSN: 0956-5221)0,981The Scandinavian Journal of Management (SJM) provides an international forum for innovative and carefully crafted research on different aspects of management. We promote dialogue and new thinking around theory and practice, based on conceptual creativity, reasoned reflexivity and contextual awareness. We have a passion for empirical inquiry. We promote constructive dialogue among researchers as well as between researchers and practitioners. We encourage new approaches to the study of management and we aim to foster new thinking around management theory and practice.
Science Technology & Society (ISSN: 0971-7218)0,231Science, Technology and Society is an international journal devoted to the study of science and technology in social context. It focuses on the way in which advances in science and technology influence society and vice versa. It is a peer-reviewed journal that takes an interdisciplinary perspective, encouraging analyses whose approaches are drawn from a variety of disciplines such as history, sociology, philosophy, economics, political science and international relations, science policy involving innovation, foresight studies involving science and technology, technology management, environmental studies, energy studies and gender studies.
Series-Journal of the Spanish Economic Association (ISSN: 1869-4187)0,378SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association is the result of a merger between the two most important academic economics journals in Spain, Spanish Economic Review (SER) and Investigaciones Econ?micas (IE). The new journal publishes scientific articles in all areas of economics. We welcome both theoretical and empirical papers and place great value on applying high quality standards.
Service Business (ISSN: 1862-8516)0,645Service Business presents the most advanced business research on the service sector. International and multidisciplinary in approach, the journal investigates both the profit and non-profit areas of the service sector. Authors share their experiences in developing, implementing, and evaluating their business decisions and strategies. Moreover, they explore not only the latest research and methodologies in the field, but also examine the theoretical and managerial implications and future research opportunities in the service sector.
SLAVIC REVIEW (ISSN: 0037-6779)0,766Slavic Review is an international interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, past and present. The journal publishes articles of original and significant research and interpretation, reviews of scholarly books and films, and topical review essays and discussion forums. Submissions from all disciplines and perspectives are welcomed.
Small Business Economics (ISSN: 0921-898X)1,795Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal publishes rigorous research on entrepreneurship, self-employment, family firms, small and medium-sized firms, and new venture creation. The journal has a broad scope, including entrepreneurs' characteristics, occupational choice, new ventures and innovation, firms life courses and performance; as well as the role played by institutions and public policies within local, regional, national and international contexts. Articles published in Small Business Economics typically emphasize the economic and societal relevance of research findings. As a leading entrepreneurship journal, Small Business Economics publishes both theoretical and empirical papers, while encouraging interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research from a broad spectrum of disciplines and related fields.
Social Psychological and Personality Science (ISSN: 1948-5506)2,561Social Psychology and Personality Science (SPPS) is a unique short reports journal in social and personality psychology. Its aim is to publish concise reports of empirical studies that provide meaningful contributions to our understanding of important issues in social and personality psychology. SPPS strives to publish innovative, cutting-edge, and impactful research. It is geared toward a speedy review and publication process to allow groundbreaking research to become part of the scientific conversation quickly.
Socio-Economic Review (ISSN: 1475-1461)1,545Socio-Economic Review aims to encourage work on the relationship between society, economy, institutions and markets, moral commitments and the rational pursuit of self-interest. The journal seeks articles that focus on economic action in its social and historical context. In broad disciplinary terms, papers are drawn from sociology, political science, economics and the management and policy sciences. The journal encourages papers that seek to recombine disciplinary domains in response to practically relevant issues, while at the same time encouraging the development of new theory.
Sociological Methods and Research (ISSN: 0049-1241)2,205When your research depends on the very latest information on the collection, measurement and analysis of data, turn to Sociological Methods & Research (SMR). Each issue of SMR presents new techniques and innovative approaches to recurring research challenges and clarifies existing methods. The journal also provides state-of-the-art tools that researchers and academics need to increase the validity of your research findings.
Sociological Perspectives (ISSN: 0731-1214)0,618Sociological Perspectives offers a wealth of pertinent articles spanning the breadth of sociological inquiry. In the pages of Sociological Perspectives, contributions by leading scholars typically address the ever-expanding body of knowledge about social processes related to economic, political, anthropological and historical issues.
Sociological Review (ISSN: 0038-0261)0,875Covering all branches of the discipline, including criminology, education, gender, medicine, and organization, our tradition extends to research that is anthropological or philosophical in orientation and analytical or ethnographic in approach.
SOCIOLOGICK ASOPIS (ISSN: 0038-0288)0,681Sociologick? ?asopis / Czech Sociological Review je recenzovan? v?deck? ?asopis publikuj?c? p?vodn? p??sp?vky k pozn?n? spole?nosti od ?esk?ch i zahrani?n?ch autor?. Vych?z? od roku 1965. ?asopis p?in??? stati zab?vaj?c? se ot?zkami teoretick? sociologie, ?l?nky zkoumaj?c? transforma?n? jevy a soci?ln? procesy prob?haj?c? v postkomunistick?ch spole?nostech, p?ehledov? ?l?nky zpracov?vaj?c? v?voj v ?irok? palet? obor? sociologie a p??buzn?ch soci?ln?ch v?d, informace ze sociologick?ch v?zkum?, metodologick? stat?, eseje, materi?ly k d?jin?m ?esk? sociologie, vynikaj?c? studentsk? pr?ce, recenze ?esk? i sv?tov? sociologick? produkce, anotace odborn? literatury, informace o d?n? v sociologick? obci, zpr?vy z konferenc?, polemick? p??sp?vky, kulat? stoly v?novan? sebereflexi ?esk? sociologie, a tak? dokumenty, je? nesm?ly b?t publikov?ny z r?zn?ch d?vod? v minulosti.
Sociology (ISSN: 0038-0385)1,617The objective of Sociology is to publish outstanding and original articles which advance the theoretical understanding of, and promote and report empirical research about the widest range of sociological topics. The journal encourages, and welcomes, submission of papers which report findings using both quantitative and qualitative research methods; articles challenging conventional concepts and proposing new conceptual approaches; and accounts of methodological innovation and the research process. Research Notes provide a means of briefly summarising results from recent or current studies or short discussions of methodological problems and solutions.
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (ISSN: 1932-4391)2Strategic entrepreneurship involves innovation and subsequent changes which add value to society and which change societal life in ways which have significant, sustainable, and durable consequences. The SEJ is international in scope and acknowledges theory- and evidence-based research conducted and/or applied in all regions of the world. It is devoted to content and quality standards based on scientific method, relevant theory, tested or testable propositions, and appropriate data and evidence, all replicable by others, and all representing original contributions.
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL (ISSN: 0143-2095)3,341Keywords: strategy; management; business leader; entrepreneur; corporate finance; business innovation; long-range planning; resource allocation; portfolio investment; organizational development; business administration.
Strategic Organization (ISSN: 1476-1270)1,4Strategic Organization is devoted to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed, discipline-grounded conceptual and empirical research of interest to researchers, teachers, students, and practitioners of strategic management and organization. The journal also aims to be of considerable interest to senior managers in government, industry, and particularly the growing management consulting industry. Strategic Organization provides an international, interdisciplinary forum designed to improve our understanding of the interrelated dynamics of strategic and organizational processes and outcomes.
STUDIA PSYCHOLOGICA (ISSN: 0039-3320)0,442The journal publishes original articles in the area of psychology of cognitive processes in personality and social context. The journal aims at providing contributions to the understanding of cognitive processes which are used in the everyday functioning of human beings. This includes studies on the acquisition and use of knowledge about the world by human beings, the nature of such knowledge, and the relationship between knowledge, behavior and personality conceived as an agent in his/her environment.
SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL (ISSN: 1359-8546)3,5Supply chain management is viewed as a business philosophy, which covers all aspects of business activity, the main emphasis being on working together with customers and suppliers to achieve competitive advantage. Thus, the scope of this journal is wide ranging and includes all aspects of the delivery process (procurement, manufacturing, logistics, inventory management, account management, marketing and new product development) and theoretical contributions from the social sciences (operations management, corporate strategy, organizational behaviour, new institutional economics, and public policy) in relation to developed and developing countries world-wide.
Technological and Economic Development of Economy (ISSN: 2029-4913)1,563The Journal is designed for publishing articles in the following fields of research: systems for sustainable development, policy on sustainable development, legislation on sustainable development, strategies, approaches and methods for sustainable development, visions and scenarios for the future, education for sustainable development, institutional change and sustainable development, health care and sustainable development, alternative economic paradigms for sustainable development,partnership in the field of sustainable development, industry and sustainable development, sustainable development challenges to business and management, technological changes and sustainable development, social aspects of sustainability, economic dimensions of sustainability, political dimensions of sustainability, innovations, life cycle design and assessment, ethics and sustainability, sustainable design and material selection, assessment of environmental impact, ecology and sustainability, application case studies, best practices, decision making theory, models of operations research, theory and practice of operations research, statistics, optimization, simulation.
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management (ISSN: 0953-7325)0,942 Technology Analysis & Strategic Management is an international research journal, linking the analysis of science and technology with the strategic needs of policy makers and management. The journal presents research on the analysis and assessment of technologies, their potentialities and impacts, and the development of methodological tools for the identification and analysis of key scientific and technological developments.
Technovation (ISSN: 0166-4972)2,526Topics include technological trends and breakthroughs which will support innovation, availability of capital for new product development and introduction, displacement of existing products, management of entrepreneurial ventures, management of innovation in medium?sized and large organizations, organizational structures intended to facilitate innovation, investment strategies related to new science? or technology?based enterprises, the innovator as an individual and as a personality type, and technology transfer to developing nations. Case studies which illustrate how innovation occurs from business and technical standpoints are also included, together with reviews and analyses of governmental and industrial policy which inhibit or stimulate technological innovation.
The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (ISSN: 0021-8863)0,914The journal provides scholars the latest research, theory, and methods, while also informing professionals and their clients of issues in group, organizational and system dynamics. Specifically, is directed toward four related audiences: Behavioral scientists studying processes of organizational and social change, Professionals in a variety of disciplines and sectors who want to base their consulting practice on research-based knowledge, Human resource professionals who seek to learn more about the process of planned change, Policymakers contemplating potential contributions of the behavioral sciences to the future of our society.
The Journal of Product Innovation Management (ISSN: 0737-6782)1,696The Journal of Product Innovation Management is an interdisciplinary, international journal that seeks to advance our theoretical and managerial knowledge of product and service development. The journal publishes original articles on organizations of all sizes (start-ups, small-medium enterprises, large) and from the consumer, business-to-business, and institutional domains. The journal is receptive to all types of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Authors across the world from diverse disciplines and functional perspectives are welcome to submit to the journal.
The Leadership Quarterly (ISSN: 1048-9843)3,138This journal brings together a focus on leadership for scholars, consultants, practicing managers, executives and administrators, as well as those numerous university faculty members across the world who teach leadership as a college course. It provides timely publication of leadership research and applications and has a global reach. It also focuses on yearly reviews of a broad range of leadership topics on a rotating basis and emphasizes cutting edge areas through special issues.
Theoretical Economics (ISSN: 1933-6837)1,354Theoretical Economics publishes research in all areas of economic theory. We welcome submissions in both pure and applied theory. Papers with empirical or experimental content will be considered, though a paper must contain a substantial and innovative theoretical component to be accepted. A paper that is based on a short paper in a conference volume must meet the same criterion. That is, it must make a significant and innovative contribution to the literature, where the literature includes the short paper. In particular, a paper that consists primarily of the exposition and proofs of results published in a conference volume typically does not satisfy the criterion. We have no maximum or minimum restriction on the length of papers, but have no separate section for "notes."
THEORY AND DECISION (ISSN: 0040-5833)0,72Of particular interest are:Preference and belief modeling, Experimental decision making under risk or under uncertainty, Decision analysis, multicriteria decision modeling, Game theory, negotiation theory, collective decision making, social choice, Rationality, cognitive processes and interactive decision making, Methodology of the decision sciences.
THEORY CULTURE & SOCIETY (ISSN: 0263-2764)0,95Theory, Culture & Society is a highly ranked, high impact factor, rigorously peer reviewed journal that publishes original research and review articles in the social and cultural sciences. Launched in 1982 to cater for the resurgence of interest in culture within contemporary social science, Theory, Culture & Society provides a forum for articles which theorize the relationship between culture and society. Theory, Culture & Society is at the cutting edge of recent developments in social and cultural theory. The journal has helped to break down some of the disciplinary barriers between the humanities and the social sciences by opening up a wide range of new questions in cultural theory.
Tourism Economics (ISSN: 1354-8166)0,515The business and finance of tourism and recreation
Tourism Management (ISSN: 0261-5177)2,554Tourism Management is the leading international journal for all those concerned with the planning and management of travel and tourism. Tourism comprises a multitude of activities which together form one of the world's fastest growing international sectors. The journal takes an interdisciplinary approach and includes planning and policy aspects of international, national and regional tourism as well as specific management studies.
Transformations in Business & Economics (ISSN: 1648-4460)0,374The field research should not be limited by any narrow conceptualisation of development economics, but embraces interdisciplinary and multi-facet approaches to economic theory, business management, marketing, as well as general transformations in the economic, social-cultural, ecological, technological, competitive, demographic and political-legal environment.
Transport Policy (ISSN: 0967-070X)1,492Transport Policy is an international refereed journal aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice in transport. Its subject areas reflect the concerns of policymakers in government, industry, voluntary organisations and the public at large, providing independent, original and rigorous analysis to understand how policy decisions have been taken, monitor their effects, and suggest how they may be improved. The journal covers the entire transport sector including all modes: land, sea and air; public and private; motorised and non-motorised; passenger and freight, including transport in the context of related sectors such as energy, housing, industry and planning. Policy concerns in transport are wide and cover safety, efficiency, economic development, local and global environmental impacts, energy, land-use, equity and access.
Transport Reviews (ISSN: 1464-5327)2,903Transport Reviews is an international review journal covering all aspects of transport. It provides authoritative and up to date research-based reviews of transport related topics that are informative to those that are knowledgeable in the subject area. It also provides a means by which experts from different backgrounds can find out about the subject area, so the papers should be accessible to a wide ranging readership.
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (ISSN: 0965-8564)2,789ransportation Research: Part A contains papers of general interest in all passenger and freight transportation modes: policy analysis, formulation and evaluation; planning; interaction with the political, socioeconomic and physical environment; design, management and evaluation of transportation systems. Topics are approached from any discipline or perspective: economics, engineering, sociology, psychology, etc. Case studies, survey and expository papers are included, as are articles which contribute to unification of the field, or to an understanding of the comparative aspects of different systems. Papers which assess the scope for technological innovation within a social or political framework are also published. The journal is international, and places equal emphasis on the problems of industrialized and non-industrialized regions.
Transportation Research Part B -Methodological (ISSN: 0191-2615)2,952Transportation Research: Part B publishes papers on all methodological aspects of the subject, particularly those that require mathematical analysis. The general theme of the journal is the development and solution of problems that are adequately motivated to deal with important aspects of the design and/or analysis of transportation systems. Areas covered include: traffic flow; design and analysis of transportation networks; control and scheduling; optimization; queuing theory; logistics; supply chains; development and application of statistical, econometric and mathematical models to address transportation problems; cost models; pricing and/or investment; traveler or shipper behavior; cost-benefit methodologies.
TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART D-TRANSPORT AND ENVIRONMENT (ISSN: 1361-9209)1,937Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment publishes original research on the environmental impacts of transportation, policy responses to those impacts, and their implications for the design, planning, and management of transportation systems. It covers all aspects of the interaction between transportation and the environment. For example, it includes papers ranging in their coverage from the local and immediate effects of transportation networks on the environments of specific geographical areas, to the widest global implications of natural resource depletion and atmospheric pollution.
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review (ISSN: 1366-5545)2,676Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review publishes informative articles drawn from across the spectrum of logistics and transportation research. Subjects include, but are not limited to: ? Transport economics including cost and production functions, capacity, demand, pricing, externalities, modal studies; ? Transport infrastructure and investment appraisal;? Evaluation of public policies;? Empirical studies of management practices and performance;? Logistics and operations models, especially with application;? Logistics and supply-chain management topics.
Transportation Science (ISSN: 0041-1655)3,043Transportation Science is the foremost journal in the field of transportation analysis. The journal features comprehensive timely articles and surveys that cover all modes of transportation, present and prospective, and researches planning and design issues and the related economic, operational, and social concerns.
WORK EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIETY (ISSN: 0950-0170)1,284Work, Employment and Society (WES) is a leading international peer-reviewed journal of the British Sociological Association which publishes theoretically informed and original research on the sociology of work.Work, Employment and Society covers all aspects of work, employment and unemployment and their connections with wider social processes and social structures. The journal is sociologically orientated but welcomes contributions from other disciplines which addresses the issues in a way that informs less debated aspects of the journal's remit, such as unpaid labour and the informal economy. The journal adheres to high standards of scholarship but sees no conflict between accessibility and scholarships; submissions must be clear and free from jargon.
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci-Proceedings of Rijeka Faculty of Economics (ISSN: 1331-8004)0,273The Concept of the Journal is focused on publishing articles dealing with economic theory as well as economic policies. It is primarily oriented to scientific papers, but it also publishes professional articles of exceptional quality that are estimated to contribute to economic theory and practice. The second part contains reviews of books and scientific works in the field of economics as well as those dealing with other related scientific fields. In addition, the Journal promotes international conferences, announces public tenders and provides useful information on other important events.