Calls for Papers

Calls for Papers (CFP) jsou výzvou odborných časopisů autorům, aby zaslali studie (empirické, koncepční i teoretické) na vybrané specifické téma, metodiku či diskuzní fórum.

Níže je uveden seznam vybraných CFP z uznávaných časopisů oborů fakulty (management, marketing, business, finance, economics). Budeme rádi, pakliže nás o dalších budete informovat.

Academy of Management Review

The role of theory in management research
Submission Deadline July 20–August 20, 2019

New theoretical perspectives on market-based economic systems
Submission Date: October 1–October 31, 2019

Journal of Business Ethics

Business Ethics in the Post-Communist Societies of Central and Eastern Europe Submission
Deadline for Full Papers: 1 November 2019

Impact Investing – Critical Examinations of Motivations, Processes and Results
Submission Deadline: 31 January 2020

The Promise of the New Sociology of Morality for Business Ethics Research
Submission Deadline: September 1st, 2019

Putting Partnerships in their Place – Moral and Material Processes of Place-based Respect, Repair, and Renewal
Submission Deadline: 1st November 2020

Imagining Ethical Organizations: Challenges and Insights from South Asia
Submission Deadline: April 30, 2020

Co-evolution of Strategy, Innovation and Ethics: The China Story and Beyond
Submission deadline: June 1, 2020

European Management Journal

Technologies 4.0: Understanding the evolution of ICT and its role for business development
Deadline: June 16th 2019 – January 16th 2020

European Economic Review

Management Learning

Identity and Learning (Not) to be Different
Deadline for submissions: 1st March 2020

Positive Perspectives in Management Learning and Teaching
Deadline for submissions: 1st June 2020

California Management Review

The Leadership Quarterly

Special Issue: Social Identity and Leadership
Submission deadline: December 1, 2019

Leadership in the Digital Era: Social Media, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Computational Methods, and Deep Learning
Submission deadline: 18 October 2019

The Leadership Quarterly Yearly Review (LQYR) for 2021
Submission deadline: 14 November 2019


Organizing Solidarity in Difference. Challenges, achievements and emerging imaginaries
The submission deadline is 1 March 2020

Human Relations

Freedom, work and organizations in the 21st century – Freedom for whom and for whose purpose?
The deadline for submissions is 1 June 2020

Organization Studies

Technology and organization
Deadline for submissions: 31st October 2019

Open Organizing in an Open Society? Conditions, Consequences and Contradictions of Openness as an Organizing Principle 
Deadline for submissions: 30th November 2019

Boosting Urban Sustainability through Organizing Collaborative Ecosystems for Smart City Development
Deadline for submissions: 31st March 2020

Business & Society

Action Research

International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship

Social Media and Entrepreneurship – Exploring the Implications for Entrepreneurial Processes and Outcomes
The deadline for submission of papers is 20 September 2019

Special Issue on Richness in Diversity: Towards more contemporary research conceptualisations of women’s entrepreneurship
Deadline for submissions is the 31st of March 2020.

Journal of Management Studies

(Re)Conceptualizing Middle Managers’ Roles in Modern Organizations
Papers to be submitted by September 15, 2019

Organizational Stigma: Antecedents, Processes, and Consequences
Papers to be submitted by December 2, 2019

Family Business Review

Journal of Service Management

Personnel Review

European Journal of Marketing

The Janus Face of Customer Service
The deadline for paper submission: July 1st 2019

Artificial Intelligence as a Market-Facing Technology
Submissions can be made from 1 December 2019 until 31 December 2019.

Management Decision

The Strategy and Change Interface: How are ‘Enabling’ Processes and Cognitions Related and Used?
Submission deadline: 31st July 2019

Exploring entrepreneurial decision-making and behaviour: contexts, processes and dynamics
Deadline for full papers: 15 October 2019

Knowledge Translation in Collaborative Environments: Challenges and Opportunities
Submission deadline: 30th October 2019

Analytics for Business Decisions
Submission deadline: January 31, 2020

MCDM/A Studies for Entrepreneurship, Technology Enhancement, and Business Development
Submission: 30 September 2019

Smart technologies for sustainable business model: Adaptation challenges and prospects in economic and cultural drift
Submission deadline: 20th July 2019

New challenges for business actors decision making and positive heuristics
Manuscript submission deadline: September 30, 2019

New challenges for business actors decision making and positive heuristics
Manuscript submission deadline: September 30, 2019

Journal of Managerial Psychology

The Physical Environment of Organizational Behavior
Deadline for submissions: 30th September, 2019

Are Challenges Hindering Us? The Limitations of Models that Categorise Work Stressors
Submission deadline: November 2019

Employee Relations

Human Resource Management and innovation in SMEs
The deadline for submissions is October 1st 2019

Journal of Social Marketing

Social Transformation and Vulnerable Populations
Deadline for submission: 30 September 2019

Journal of Enterprise Information Management

Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Submissions until 16 September 2019

Journal of Product & Brand Management

Brand Management & Cocreation: Lessons from Tourism and Hospitality
Deadline: 1st September 2019

International Marketing Review

Decision-Making in International Marketing
Submission are open between 1 June and 31 July 2020

Journal of Knowledge Management

Mapping Knowledge to Identify Future Innovation Trajectories: Cases in Emerging Technological Innovations
Submission deadline: September 30, 2019


Jednotlivá akademická nakladatelství rovněž informují o CFP v rámci manažerských oborů, za pozornost stojí Elsevier, Taylor & Francis či Emerald Publishing ad.