Seminář „Academic Writing“

  • Lektor: Dr. Richard Brunet-Thornton
  • Čas: 13:00-16:00
  • Místnost: RB 111
  • Obsah semináře: Building from a workshop approach, participants hone their skills to document their research to address a predominantly Anglo-American audience. At the end of the seminar, members are able to:
    • Recognise or infer the conventions of writing that are distinctive to specific disciplines;
    • Use the conventions of format, voice, tone, and diction that are appropriate for specific audiences, genres, and situations;
    • Properly incorporate, cite, and document sources;
    • Control the mechanics of writing as a distinctive academic and intellectual form of communication and practice.

    Methods: Practical examples and applications; utilisation of worksheets and check-lists, self-critique and peer-review role playing, translation techniques from high to low-context cultures

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