Seminář „Critical Thinking and the Art of Research“

  • Lektor: Dr. Richard Brunet-Thornton
  • Čas: 13:00-16:00
  • Místnost: RB 111
  • Obsah semináře: This seminar draws parallels to the seven steps of the management decision-making process in that it outlines the activities from the academic problem identification phase to that of problem resolutions and feedback. Participants learn to:
    • Define a compelling and viable problem, question, or project;
    • Formulate an arguable thesis in response to the problem, question, or project;
    • Use library and other research tools to locate sources, and manage searches efficiently and ethically;
    • Actively engage sources in an intellectual dialogue, always distinguishing one’s own ideas from those of others;
    • Substantiate and develop ideas through the analysis of evidence and the critical use of Sources;
    • Recognise and contend with counter-arguments and other possible objections;
    • Organise ideas coherently and compellingly;
    • Express ideas in clear, cogent sentences;
    • Insightfully critique their own writing and the writing of others;
    • Revise for clarity and cogency at every level, based on self-critique and critique from others.

    Methods: techniques to read effectively and efficiently, note-taking techniques, plagiarism tracking systems, worksheets and check- lists, review and critique techniques, role-playing.

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